Creator Your Purpose by Jennifer Farley


March 19, 2019
Your Purpose

You were created by The Universe to fulfill a purpose. But, unlike any other thing created, you were given a choice as to what that purpose is and have been gifted a lifetime to explore and discover it. Some may become frustrated, others will embrace and still others may question it.

The key to finding your purpose is to look at what you are doing now; are you helping others, do you have an insight into the workings of the world, are you an ‘out of the box’ thinker who can move those thoughts to action? Even though it may not feel like it, many of you are truly living and breathing your purpose now! Resist the urge to look past the wonderfully simple thoughts, moments and actions to search for something bigger and better. In completing these seemingly mundane ‘tasks’ you are, indeed, moving toward it without even trying. ~ Creator


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