“What It Means To Heal” by Matt Kahn


If someone acts in a way that feels cruel, unsupportive, hostile, or harmful, it doesn’t mean you are currently being unsupportive or harmful toward yourself. Instead, life is asking you to contemplate: how can I learn from what feels like cruel words or harmful actions from this person by being even more kind and supportive toward myself than ever before?” Because consciousness is the ever-expanding wisdom of light, the reflection of other people’s conduct never suggests what you are doing wrong, but rather helps you pinpoint what more you can do right.

From this position of clarity, it’s impossible to judge someone you are open to learning from. As you take the time to make your positive choices more powerful than the unprocessed pain others may project, through the law of One, you simultaneously elevate your frequency and accelerate their soul’s evolution in absolute accordance with divine will.

As always, such growth can occur
without agreeing to live in toxic environments or perpetuate the cycle of abusive relationships.

Perhaps the first step is releasing the tendency to judge others or blame yourself for how and why people act the way they do. In order for this to occur, you must dare to learn from those who lead by the opposite example of reactivity– boldly becoming more of the light within yourself that others suppress, hide from, and overlook.

video: What it meqans to heal 


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