Messages from the Masters


Messages from the Masters

December 14, 2018

Asi, asi, asi ensellah anti Ahshalah

We great you from the light with the light and within the light you and we touching each other with all that we are from within all that is.

To you we come bringing news of your world and beyond. Many of you may be finding that within your lives you feel as if changes are being forced upon you. Sudden changes or being uprooted and moving unexpectedly, unexplained illness, a feeling of not knowing what direction to go or what that might mean in your lives. Lack of concentration or focus. Some of you might even be feeling a sense of core disturbance that is puzzling and may e creating a sense of anxiety within you. You are not alone in how you feel nor is there anything wrong with you. You are not broken. If you simply change your perception, change your mind, your lives can change too.

Others have been leaving your world to go home in recent times, called to work from the other side, assisting you and contributing their souls back into the greatness of light, tipping the balance to greater light against the challenges of darkness as it seeks its place in the overall balance of things.

Remember that within the Yin and the Yang there is a center like between the lightness and the which is not. It is that center line which is you strive to seek will carry you in perfect balance in all of your days.

The way to find that place within you is self awareness if you re not truly aware of what is happening within you, your perceptions within your beingness, how you walk in your light and even how you may not be accepting it, in this now, all of these tings affect where your center line falls in the dichotomy of you, light and dark. By dark we do not mean that which is bad or evil or anything at all negative we mean what is unknown to you. The creative potential that each of you carries inside. What is dark is simply potential. All that potential is waiting for is instructions from you as to what it will become. Discover your inner awareness, your perfect nature and all that is have gleaned in all of its lives, whether it has become wisdom or resistance to your very nature of being a perfect aspect of the greater One.

Many events are affecting you in this now as your world escalates and changes as well as universal and other dimensional plus trans-dimensional events occur, they cause within you feelings with many different faces. These feelings may puzzle you because in your world they seem to make no sense yet something tugs at your awareness, calling to you to pay attention because you are bing summoned.

But for what? There is a great sense of chaos in many directions within your world. In order to not only define its causes but to quiet the sense of world unrest, it comes to learning to be not reactive but instead, proactive. What we mean by this is getting to know you well, and the difference between what is reactive and what is proactive is you putting your best foot forward toward the peace and stillness that you desire in your world.

At the same time that you feel unrest within, so does your planet. You feel that too. Your planet has been changing face in recent times and by doing so many events that have been painfully catastrophic have occurred. And all are related. The mantle, the crust of the plates of your earth’s structure are moving. They have been forced to do so due to past movement of the tectonic plates as well as the tilt of the planet on its axis. When the tilt of your planet in conjunction with its inner balance change, changes both on the surface and within the deeper realms of your planet occur.

It s a series of events much like your domino effect that begins. First, pushing or pulling of areas of the earth’s surface begin to happen where there are no fault lines. These happen as the plates of the earth prepare to move, particularly your subluxation plates, those which are moving underneath another plate. This is how your continents were originally formed, creating balance not only in the weight of your surface but also energetically. As the earth’s parts move in any kind of way, electromagnetic emissions occur and those disturb you. They also disturb those beings who live in nature.

For instance, when the earth pulls and pushes in places it normally does not, and electromagnetic emissions happen, these emissions disturb all beings of all kinds across the planet. Even the smallest of emissions can set off a chain of events. They cause inner disturbances of all beings and further, cause the plates of the earth to begin to move more powerfully and more often. The movement of the plates cause earthquakes, many of which you have been seeing of late, and those cause volcanic reactions setting off eruptions of the volcanoes. Why? Because the volcanoes are release points of excess energy underneath the surface of the earth. Powerful releases of built up gasses, mud flows and even magma.Prior to the eruption of the volcanoes, different types of eruptions of energy occur and when that happens fires start and quickly get out of hand. You have seen much of this lately with great destruction. As all of these events happen one after the other or even simultaneously, your weather changes. It, too, is affected by events upon and within your earth. The energy emissions cause strong storms, which you have also seen of late as well as high winds and frigid temperatures where there are usually not. Lack of rain where it is usually plentiful. And within each of you, a sense of unrest.

The way to eliminate these feelings is to attune yourselves to the earth and all of creation in such a way that you are riding the waves rather than having them crash into you. To di this relax all of you internal defenses. Let go of fear. Don’t go into “what if’s’ but rather stay now. Right now. Use the animals upon your earth as guides.

Look at how the wild and even domesticated animals in your world are behaving, coming to humans for help, showing emotions no one thought that animals had, taking on the offspring of other animals which at any other time would be natural enemies. Even protecting children and others who are in peril. The animals know how to remain in balance. It is within their instincts which come from cellular memories of long ago earth changes and events. They know what to do and when. If you watch them, you will begin to become part of the collective intuition.

At the same time, cosmically you might say, there are movements of planets far out in your universe which are out of normal orbit. Their evolutions around their suns are out of balance with causes the energetic relations amongst all planets and other celestial bodies to change dramatically. You might think of this as a cosmic ping pong game as the balls bounce unpredictably going where they are meant to be or flying off the table for no points. This is a bit of an exaggeration of our point but is a good analogy.

As universal balance if changing so are the energy flows across the dimensions. Currently there is a seven dimension unification which has created corridors of a single massive pathway and then smaller corridors of each of the seven levels. What this creates is a rapid hot wind that flies through these corridors disturbing all within its paths. Your dimension is the third of the seven.

This means that the hot winds of energy flowing through the corridors are blowing through your very make up. They are causing disrupts within your very make up as well as that sense of unrest we described earlier. The particulates of which you are made are being blown farther apart than your normal balance. As this occurs how you feel, how you perceive, how you act and react all change. You are far more sensitive than usual. Also what changes is how you interact with others.

There is a great deal of kindness occurring currently as well as the opposite. Aggression, violence and worse. This is because as the overall make up is currently changing within people their brains are affected in a large way. Mental activity is over firing causing thought patterns and beliefs to over express, disturbing the psyche so that some human beings are acting quite differently than they would normally. And this disturbs all others.

On the beautiful side of things, others are feeling all of the above but instead of allowing themselves to be disturbed they work harder to find the sacred, holy places within them. Somedays it is a wrestling match but most of the time the blossoming of great love can be felt and expressed at the same time.

It all comes to balance of the heart, the mind, the body, the soul and all that encompasses.

Though we have described many stimulants that are happening to you from numerous sources these are also opportunities for you to grow on the inside, finding your most sacred light, the love which you were created from and the ability to intuit what is needed in any given moment for greater experience in your lives.

Remember, all is perception. Everything. You can go into fear or you can light yourselves up in such a way that all else alights too.

All of this comes from the choices you make. While it is often given that choices come from necessity they also come from free will and the awareness that something needs to change. What that change is, is entirely up to you based upon your perception. It isn’t about what you think, trying over and over to justify what choice you should make, but rather going with the flow and being aware enough to know that choice is necessary. Thinking and thinking more and more cuts off your intuitive connections until you cannot hear your consciousness any more. In doing so, you have blocked that natural stream of information with electrical energy which is chaotic as your brains fire. Instead, breathe, trust, have faith and know that whatever you have created is already so. Go for it!

Each year we have given you perspectives on the possibilities of what comes. This year is no different.

We suggest that you watch for changes in currency values as the currency markets have not been stable for some time. We are given that the Euro will decline in value while the US dollar will stabilize for a time but then take a good dip in value next fall.

The stock market will be greatly notable as world events and discords will destabilize trading. Also destabilizing markets will be sanctions from one country to another which will interrupt their abilities to meet the needs of manufacturing, shipping and exchanges with other countries which fuels their economies.

Politics will continue to become more and more ludicrous as the dishonesty of politicians is brought to light and many will lose favor amongst the people. What appears to be such now will increase tenfold. The disrespect of politicians toward other countries, constituents and other avenues of government will become even more so, but most of all affecting everyday people who are simply trying to make a living and survive. It I as if the greater percentage of the people have been disregarded in favor of the few lining their pockets while being deceitful all the way.

The way to correct this situation is to reinstate good education to children and others everywhere. To correct the information that is being taught. History is incorrect as are much of the sciences. Social studies speak incorrectly of what created your great country and the effect of historic events as well as the truths behind those events are not being taught correctly.

The very history of your planet, of the human race is incorrect. There is archeological evidence begging the truth that there were those before you, other races occupying your planet and establishing new and higher technologies that became their ultimate demise. We suggest that in educating your children as well as those who are older being offered the chance of education truths be told.

The ancients who came before you and those who came before them, left for you everything that you need to know about the construct of creation, and how you can work within that construct to create whatever you desire, or need or want. But most of all the information that the ancients left for you is beyond simple, intricately complex, while at the same time being just as simple as can be. Life is like that. If you let it.

In the field of medicine great strides in the field of the study of genomes as well as DNA in general will be made. Evidence of root races will come forward surpassing everything you knew until the coming now. Progress will also be made in the creation of new tissues that can repair injuries, and synthetic blood will be designed to bridge the gap in donation shortages. Surgical methods will begin to depend more and more upon lasers and robotic surgeries but the most magnificent discoveries will be how the energy fields and etheric anatomies interact and relate to your physical world and how your life is going as well. Imagine, complementary schools of medicine coming together to create an entire picture of the human make up and how to manipulate the entirety toward wholistic health! This is right around the corner.

Soon it will become evident that the pharmaceutical companies and the AMA are working together not in the name of health but in the name of the bottom monetary line, putting the health and even the lives of patients in jeopardy. Lawsuits forcing facts to the forefront will occur due to a specific medication that damages the health of many. This medication will be released later in the year without enough studies to prove its safety. This is happening more and more. Medications being released too soon then a year or so later the lawyers advertising that if you have taken these medications or been injured or worse lost a loved one from them to call their number. Supplements that maintain good physical health are being outlawed because the pharmaceutical companies have no control over them and yet so many truly help people. There will be calls for balance in these markets by every day people who want to be healthy not made sick from side effects of drugs that are untested for safety. Healthfulness must be paramount to all else.

Weather patterns will begin to change even further with more cold and precipitation in the middle US as well as the UK and into the Western parts of Europe including high winds and rains, intense storms. This will also occur along the shorelines of Asian countries with more earthquakes in Japan, China and Indonesia as well as Alaska and New Zealand. There will also be typhoons that affect the Philippines and other surrounding areas. Siberia will experiences areas that become much warmer than normal.

Volcanic activity will continue in Guatemala, Italy, Alaska and the possibility of further more recent eruptions in the pacific northwest of the US. If this occurs, there will also be seismic activity that could set off a string of ear quake events.

Firestorms will continue in California as earth events set them off.

As we have said previously we must continue to mention that the ocean waters will continues to rise due to the melting of the ice caps on both the Arctic and Antarctic poles causing desalination in deep in ocean troughs, warming the deeper waters and making them move more quickly, spreading their effects. Science has not calculated the speed of this process correctly as the changes are exponential in consequence.

A beautiful thing is that human beings are becoming more earth aware and will be planting more trees and cleaning waterways, recreating wetlands and stabilizing the ecological balance upon the planet. The more of this that is done the greater possibilities are lessened towards some of the events we have mentioned above. The earth has been destroyed in so many ways by ignorance and lack of maintenance. For example, the island of trash and garbage floating in the Pacific Ocean is causing adverse effects upon the ocean overall as well as weather patterns there. It is taking oxygen out of the water and killing off sea life. This can be removed in a number of ways as can other pollutants in your waterways but earth consciousness must be expanded from talk to action. And those who have contributed to these matters must be held responsible. But that takes people who are brave and committed to the changes.

In other technologies new power sources are coming in the near future which require no wires and are magnetically driven.. These power sources will change the face of energy in numerous ways, all positive and clean.

Robotics will continue to expand in manufacturing, medicine and other avenues but we warn against artificial intelligence since it will learn from what is programmed and begin to develop intelligence of its own as well as the possibility of expressing emotions which can be causal to malfunction or functioning against its very makers. AI appears to be a magnificent creation but it will have quite the opposite affect. Robotics are not the same as AI unless their programming is made in such a way.

The automobile industry is moving toward a cleaner, lesser footprint of emissions which will help the atmosphere of the planet. New fuel developments will expand the positive nature of this industry.

There still remains the possibility of a large earthquake in the Atlantic Ocean in a fault line yet undiscovered. It has the potential of being deep in both the ocean and the earth and can affect the coasts or northern Florida, Georgia, North and South Carolinas. Huge tsunamis are possible, traveling toward the US coast and India. We are not given that this event will occur in this year but it has been in the making geologically for many of your earth years. We have not entered this in some years but the possibility remains.

While many of our predictions for the year do not seem to be of a positive light, many many positives will come out of them.Do not see what we speak of as negative but rather as possibilities on the horizon that having awareness of can bring solutions ahead of time.

At the same time, the advances we have spoken of will be highly contributive to people and the planet in numerous ways as well as the advances in medicine quickly flourishing and creating positive changed in health overall.

Most of all what we want you to remember that individually and collectively you have the power to change anything and everything. If you imagine it it is so. Be conscious of what you send into creation in the way of payers, intentions, in fact any energy at all. Be intentional of what you send realizing that every action has a definite reaction. How would you like for that reaction to be? What outcome are you creating? Be aware. Consider this in your creative processes. Everything we have said above can be changed by a singular intention becoming the leader of the collective consciousness paving the way for the totality to come together and change everything necessary for a greater life, a greater world, a greater One.

You are powerful beings created of all things and all things created of you. Because of that there is nothing and no one that could ever be lesser or greater than you. Each of you is an intricately woven aspect of the greater One.

Be in peace. We are grateful to be of service with you in this now.


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