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December 20, 2018
What To Do?
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What To Do?
by jenniferfarley

During this shift, there are going to be times when staying quiet is the best option. You may see others ‘playing the game’ of bully/victim and it may be very disturbing to you. Yes, it is perfectly acceptable to say something but, the hint may or may not be taken. You have your boundaries, they have theirs and they may not coincide. They will continue to play regardless because it is safe for them. What are you to do then? Be there for them! Show them you support them as a person, express your desire for them to be whole and happy and be an ear, within reason. Until they are ready to step out and away from the emotional dynamic there is not much you can do. The Universe is being very clear when it says this is not condoning the behavior…it does want you to be the light they look to when they are ready and in a time of need. Everyone must walk their own path and, when they choose to change direction, they will. ~ Creator


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