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Anchoring the Highest Timeline
by Jenny Schiltz | Dec 22, 2018 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Anchoring the Highest Timeline
My team requested that I share with you what has been taking place within me as it may shed light on what may have or will happen within you.

The other night I was sitting in the family room when all of a sudden my left eye and nose began to run profusely. I sneezed violently a few times and then my entire body began to shake. There was this internal vibrating that felt like a spinning. I started to panic a little at the sheer intesity.

My husband looked at me and said “Are you Ok?” I looked at him and replied honestly “My body is so scared right now. It is terrified.” I was a little surprised by my answer but knew immediatley that it was 100% accurate. I could feel the fear as my body had no clue what was happening.

I started talking to my body, calming it, promising that all would be OK. We were just in transition. I then was shown the vision of myself walking on this narrow road surrounded by rocks on both sides. The ocean waves were pounding the sides, threatening to swamp the road.

I asked what I was seeing and heard that the waves represented timelines that were crashing and dissolving into my main timeline. I didn’t totally understand it but I did understand more why the body was freaking out.

I went to bed that night and slept little; I had so many memories surface. I saw the moment when major decisions were made and how they affected me. One memory was me at 17 talking to a boy outside of the college, he was flirting and I knew he was working up the courage to ask me out. Just then, out of the building, walks the boy that would later become my husband. I walked up to him and from that point forward I only have had eyes for him. From this vantage point, I watched as timelines fell away and it was like a bell of destiny had rung. The memory was so clear I could remember what we were wearing.

I was even taken to the moment at age 13 when I attempted suicide and I was shown my team and grandfather who had passed, talking to me although my human self was unaware. I was shown that on a soul level I was assisted and agreements were made. A major bell of destiny had been rung but all I knew on the human level is that I never actively tried to kill myself again, even when I wished I wasn’t alive.

I got little sleep that night as I was shown memory after memory. When I did doze off, I dreamed of more memories. There was a massive integration taking place, multiple realities combining, and I was in each moment having to choose which vibration to hold. I had to choose which feelings I wanted to entertain in my form as I simply observed it all.

The following day I was rough. My body was very stressed. I still had a runny nose and eye, my body would vibrate and I even felt feverish. However, as long as I rested I was able to keep my mental and emotional equilibrium. If I attempted to do anything it went into instant over load and an emotional meltdown threatened. Whenever I tapped in to what was happening, I would see myself on that road again. Steady walking forward. If I went into what I was seeing and projected light outward from my walking body I would see the seas calm, and the path feel more solid. I did my best to hold this for as long as I could and spent most the day in bed.

That evening when I began to journal on everything I was experiencing, I really felt this deep loneliness as I felt so exposed and vulnerable on that road. I then heard so clearly “You are not alone, ask to the see the truth of your experience, just as you were shown the truth of your memories.”

I looked again and saw my loved ones & friends walking beside me, particularly my mate and children. I then saw a grouping I call the Ancestors. As I tapped into them, they surrounded me, holding me encased in their arms. They whispered to me “You are not alone. We share your burden, we share your role. You were made for this as we each poured our heart and soul into you and where you are now. Know that we are you, and you are us.” I basked in their arms for a while and my physical body began to calm. The spinning and terror subsided.

I noticed that the road I was walking seemed to rise above the sea more, and the waves had no chance to topple me and knock me into the sea anymore. I was amazed to see that hundreds were walking with me now. I felt completely loved, supported, and held.

I share this because I am not special, we each were made for this time, this place and this transition. Your ancestors poured their heart and soul into you as well. You are the culmination of thousands of years of learning and growth. While this journey can be so incredibly lonely from a human standpoint, realize that you are never alone. We walk with legions.

We are in the midst of an incredible shifting of timelines. All the false timelines are melting away and the organic timeline is anchoring in. I know what I experienced recently is this drastic shifting. How you experience it may look and feel different but know that you are not alone. We were made for this. If your body becomes scared, talk to it, give it love and do your best to project your light outward as you anchor in your highest timeline. Know that rest may be the only way through right now. This is more important than any to do list or holiday expectation. You are more important.

For more information on the timeline shift, check out Sandra Walters blog. I resonate deeply with her words.

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Sending you all lots of love, huge hugs and wishing you all a beautiful Holiday Season.


Anchoring the Highest Timeline


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