The Power of Vulnerability


The Power of Vulnerability

The Power of Vulnerability by Jamye Price

Vulnerability often gets mistaken for weakness. For empaths, those that are sensitive to the energies around them, they can feel overwhelmed with their vulnerability at times.

Indeed, it is not for the weak. Vulnerability is a courage to experience life more deeply.

Vulnerability is an opening for a new strength to grow.

As humanity moves through Ascension from third density into fourth density, we are readjusting our interaction with the subtle realm and learning to work more consciously with the Subtle Bridge, our thoughts and emotions. This helps us create with the momentum of the vast invisible realm.

It also means we are enhancing our connection—something that requires and initiates more vulnerability.


Vulnerability has become associated with weakness because those that use the control mechanisms of the physical to dominate others have a personal investment in the compassionate ones not being empowered. If the opening of vulnerability can be penetrated by fear, then a connection is established that feeds those too weak to generate the power of Love within.

This is how the sensitive get overwhelmed and depleted.

There is a better way to “feed” those too weak to generate Love within. Living the example of healthy boundaries—a balance of detached compassion—is a powerful gift to humanity. It teaches through Love, a deep knowing of the potential within each sacred being.

Humanity is a connected species—All Life is. We are in the realm (density) of separation, but the whole story includes an invisible connection to All Life. The sensitive ones know this and live it.

Vulnerability is how that connection expands and strengthens.

As we expand through Ascension, we are blending the rules of the physical realm and non-physical realm. The physical realm has conditions. The non-physical realm is where unconditional love resides. As you honor the rules of the physical (like healthy boundaries), you are enhancing your survival needs so you can begin to expand into thriving.


Your healthy boundaries create a container of Love so you can expand your powerful Love within – which moves you into thriving.

Your vulnerability, your openness to life with healthy boundaries, creates the space for Love to expand and strengthen within.

Your inner work is to find forgiveness so you are free within. This inner freedom ignites your inner passions and creativity so you can share your sacred Love with your world. It is your vulnerability that opens you to a deeper connection with Life, and the power of your Love flows forth into the world.

You came here to Love.

Love is the binding force of All Life. Sometimes love means saying no. Sometimes it means saying yes. But it always means courage.

Your courage to Love, even when Love isn’t the easy choice, builds your strength within.

The gift of vulnerability is you discover more of you. Sacred Life in human form, bringing Love to life.


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