Collective Pulse Report: Harvesting the Fruits of Your Labors


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Collective Pulse Report: Harvesting the Fruits of Your Labors

Posted: 15 Dec 2018 01:34 PM PST

by April Bender via Higher Self

Some time has passed since our last channeled message, “Collective Pulse Report: The Three Waves of Global Transformation,” and while those three waves continue to crash upon your earthly shores – molding, transforming, reshaping, and redefining your core existence and overall experience – there are important updates, clarifications, and distinctions to be made at this time that will help all ascending initiates, light and magic workers, and healers (depending on how one identifies) best work with the current energetics of this ascending planetary cycle.

Clarifications and Updates

I do want to take a moment to point out that within those groups I just mentioned, there are many different levels of development found. Meaning there are those who are newly initiated all the way to those working through to actualizing a level of mastership, and many levels in-between. Soul/spiritual development is highly unique to each being. I mention this because often we speak generally of such things, wanting to be inclusive with our messages, but it is important to remember that there are many levels of development and therefore many ascending souls, magic and light workers, and healers performing different levels of service to assist and support the current cycle. All of which are important and needed.

The reason this understanding is important is because in order to understand the current energetic processes, one needs to understand the logic behind “tipping point theory.”

Scientists at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute have found that when just 10 percent of the population holds an unshakable belief, their belief will always be adopted by the majority of the society. The scientists, who are members of the Social Cognitive Networks Academic Research Center (SCNARC) at Rensselaer, used computational and analytical methods to discover the tipping point where a minority belief becomes the majority opinion. The finding has implications for the study and influence of societal interactions ranging from the spread of innovations to the movement of political ideals.

For collective shifts in consciousness proceed along this pathway. Consciousness permeates. A fact your scientists and academics are only now just beginning to discover but the ancients well understood. And this is why to realize ascension, re-enchantment, or the healing of your fragmented world it takes time…it is a process that is part of a much larger cycle of divine creation and flow, with each awakened actor playing his/her part in order to reach that crucial tipping point where a new paradigm, a new age can be realized collectively.

You have those who are playing the role of high profile teachers and way-showers, those who are quietly working to help others awaken and heal through the healing arts, counseling, simple conversation, medicine, or prayer, you have those who are working to bridge worlds and rebuild relationships with the plant, animal, and mineral kingdoms as well as ancestral spirits, those who are healing and stimulating higher thought through various forms of art, you have those breaking new ground and challenging old thought structures within academia, politics, religious institutions, etc…, those actively fighting for the rights and resources of Mother Earth/Gaia and all her blessed creatures, those channeling crucial information/messages from the higher orders, and you have those light-workers who hold, anchor, and disseminate the light codes/frequencies as they bombard the planet as well as help transmute the lower energies that are agitated by the incoming light and energetics as part of this grand turn of the cycle. Don’t ever forget the full scope of this divine movement of which you are an integral part.

And all this is being done to help humanity awaken to their pre-Fall state of consciousness. The dimensions already exist, one over-layed upon the next, but because most humans have closed off their inner faculties they are unable to perceive them and in some cases, the pathways to them have been damaged from neglect and need to be re-established. A schism occurred between humanity and the rest of creation at the time of The Fall. Ascension or Re-enchantment is about repairing or healing that schism. For not only is humanity severely limited in its current state but so are all connected orders of life. Many of which, cannot evolve along their lines of development until higher consciousness is restored to humanity.

The Harvest

Having said that, there is a deepening or ripening in all (as a result of the three waves) that is about to take place. An opportunity for each level of development to significantly advance and for yet another timeline and/or dimension of being and experience to open up. This is because the 3rd Wave of Healing and Integration is ramping up in intensity due to 3 main factors:

1) The continued anchoring and dissemination of higher light/vibrational codes and the transmutation of lower energies on Earth. While this is a task or role that many light-workers around the world assist with, there are those who have been painstakingly committed to and singularly focused on this process for a number of years. Their bodies, minds, and spirits have taken a beating over the years as they’ve been for lack of a better word, zapped over and over again by highly charged magnetizing and catalytic forces – anchoring them into the Earth, her grids, to thereby lessen the shock of this energy to the masses for their consumption. This act of anchoring also serves to open up new channels of connection and communication between dimensions/worlds and repair old pathways/circuits/bridges that long ago existed. For not only is there a downward rush of higher energies to the recipient to anchor but there is also an upward rush of energies back to the source. Consequently, once the energy is anchored and disseminated, they then must transmute or filter the lower energies that are stirred up as a result of the incoming higher energetics to Earth before the wave rushes back upwards to the source. It is an invisible or “subtle” role and therefore often a thankless one but mark my words it is one that will see the fruits of all these labors first. One excellent example of a collective cohort that does much of this type of heavy lifting work you know as The Planetary Ascension Team or the P.A.T. Members of this team not only are doing this work on an individual basis but even more importantly, they are working together as one intentional collective brought together by Georgi Stankov, which is immensely more powerful. Together they focus their will, energies, and intentions to fulfill this sacred role. The more souls that can come together and intentionally co-create in this way (no matter what form of expression this work takes), the faster that ascension or the healing of your world will take place. For consciousness, will, and intention, especially when focused collectively, can literally move mountains, mitigate war, or clean polluted water, etc. Science is even beginning to become aware of this most basic natural law through group intention experiments. (See Lynne McTaggert’s work – The Power of Eight.)

2) Greater healing and awareness has flooded The Tree of Life. First, a huge acknowledgement must be given to those walking a more indigenous, magical, or green path who also have been serving tirelessly over multiple generations in some cases to strengthen, rebuild, or simply hold open the relationship between humans, the divine feminine and the natural world (Gaia/the Goddess and her earthly hierarchy/nature spirits). Not only have they served as bridges and stewards but also as teachers, opening up and sharing their indigenous wisdom and teachings with the masses at this most crucial time of human evolution. There is much wisdom to be gleaned by the plant, animal, mineral, and ancestral kingdoms – they are rich in wisdom and nourishment. In fact humanity is only operating on less than half its potential and/or capacity without the support of or being in proper relationship to these beings and the Divine Feminine at large. They were placed here to support and nourish you, to provide you a greater sense of health, support, well-being, and perspective and since humanity’s Fall, have been by and large unable to fulfill their roles – stunting their growth and evolution. Not to mention the raping and pillaging of these conscious forms of life by fallen human mentalities. The depth of this separation has even caused humanity by and large to live disconnected from its own nature and physical body – preferring instead to be in the head and considering such things as the physical body lowly, sinful, or unimportant. But all is connected in the One body or Tree of Life – this illusory separation is driven by humanity’s fallen mentality. The rest of creation waits for your remembrance. As this healing continues to grow and permeate the Tree or Web of Life (as more engage with and strengthen their relationships to the natural world) greater alignment, harmonization, and balance takes place – which causes the veil of separation between beings and worlds to become thinner and thinner – ultimately reaching the point of restoration of the original blueprint of Creation where no such veil exists – nor do such dense physical human bodies/vessels exist but more on that in a moment. I should also mention that again science, through the study of quantum mechanics and non-local phenomena are beginning to better understand this conscious connection. (See scientist Dean Radin’s latest ground breaking work – Real Magic.)

3) More human souls are actively waking up and working with spirit and/or the energies to heal and transform themselves as well as the larger world. This is really what you would call a by-product of items #1 and #2. The work that has happened in previous stages has allowed the energies and higher forms of consciousness to better permeate your world, on multi-dimensional levels catalyzing a process of transformation. As more and more souls seek to heal, reclaim and restore the broken or fractured parts within themselves and their world, they begin to unleash the authentic and creative divine self within. As more open to love and turn their backs on fear, more bridges and bonds of connection are established, personal power reclaimed, and more avenues up/down the Tree of Life become accessible. This is why the first wave was/is so crucial as that reflective mirroring of the unconscious or all that one finds horrific, distasteful, dark is confronted and ultimately catalyzes one into their own process of inner transformation which feeds or flows into collective transformation. Watching from above or the outside, the scene looks chaotic in regard to the masses, remember for example when you personally first began really waking up. It was painful, confusing, and it took you a bit to get your bearings and learn discernment. However, rest assured that everything is unfolding just as it should and there are plenty of supports in place for the masses. But this is precisely why it’s important for those who already are awake, to extend a helping and patient hand.

The Fruits – A New Realm, Time-space, or Dimensional Doorway
Leading into the Winter Solstice and December Full Moon

As a result of these three progressions (in the main), a previously inaccessible realm or dimensional doorway/timeline has been unlocked for many on the upper rungs of ascension or spiritual development. It has always existed but has been both accessible and inaccessible during different cycles/periods of Earth’s history and it has opened precisely because a pivotal tipping point has been reached and the veils are now beginning to thin dramatically. This new “space” so to speak, has to do with a larger more expansive connection to the Great Central Sun, it’s emanations and connecting circuits. As more master level initiates balance the polarities within (masculine/feminine, above/below, within/without, dark/light) and work to heal relationships along the Tree or Web of Life the louder the song of the Divine Feminine/Earth Mother to Father Sky or The Great Central Sun becomes. This song is a play on higher harmonics, that serves as the key to unlocking even higher more complementary harmonics – for all of Creation is made up of sound and light. The Celts called this song the Oran Mor or song of Creation and soon it will be the first time in many ages that this song will once again be heard on Earth to those with the ears to hear. This resonance opens up a greater and more potent field between these two vast distances – Earth and the Great Central Sun that is traversable only by those who have been through the purification/transformation/ascension process to the degree that their bodies and minds can now handle the vibration of this higher harmonic.

Some high level initiates are already beginning to sense this new space and vibration. It has a luminous golden cast to it and extends in a cone shape from The Great Central Sun to the very core of Earth (embedded within its emanation). In the ancient past this gateway, threshold, or dimensional space was symbolized by the phallus or obelisk because metaphorically it could be seen as the Father extending his sexual organ to the mother energies or Mother Earth in this case – the two longing to rejoin as One once again. Heralding a long awaited golden age. For as I previously stated, separation and connection are cyclical. This vibration, harmonic, dimensional space will give you greater access and ease when connecting to higher order beings as well as other intelligences along the Tree or Web of Life and over time it will also stimulate physical changes and sensations within the body. For remember, in the beginning humans did not inhabit such dense earthly vehicles but instead embodied lighter more refined luminous ones that allowed for such capacities as shape-shifting, telepathy, bi-location, etc. Expect also that Mother Earth may experience some physical changes, especially within the coming year as her body will also be stimulated by these potent energies.

It is important to know that inhabiting this space or harmonic will also raise any lingering areas that need to be examined, reclaimed, healed, loved, and/or released within you. So while it will feel just lovely to inhabit this space, you’ll want to be vigilant for anything that rises to be tended to as a result of it. This new space and harmonic heralds a monumental time of restoration and reunion on Earth. And while like all processes it will take time to anchor and fully actualize, it finally gives you all who have been working so hard and tirelessly something worth being truly excited about! Take some time, experiment with this space, get to know its qualities, inhabit it regularly, and allow it’s vibration and resonance to work within you. Enjoy the gift that has been given as it is very much deserved.

In Closing

And for those who worry that they will miss out perhaps because of their developmental stage on this harmonic…no worries! Soon enough you will be experiencing it as well. And truth be told you would not want to experience it directly now as it would only cause you physical and emotional pain and discomfort. So let the master anchors do their job and refine the energy for global consumption and in the meantime, continue serving in the role that speaks most to you, your passions, and your natural capacities while also examining what needs to be healed or restored within. For you will still notice a marked boost in your own progress and experience – for all levels will advance as a result of this new harmonic and will see and sense a little further beyond the veil than they did before.

In the days and weeks to come we shall further discuss the effects of this harmonic on the Earth as a whole, how it will play out in the coming year, and how the three waves will continue their assault but for now, simply sit back, enjoy the holidays, and celebrate the fruits of your good labors!

In this journey, may you be blessed.

Source: April’s Airings


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