Echoes of the New Paradigm Peggy Black and the ‘team’

_________ Message from the ‘Team’ _________ 
Echoes of the New Paradigm
Peggy Black and the ‘team’
We are here to offer our acknowledgement as well as our encouragement. There is a shift in consciousness taking place with your collective. From your everyday, moment to moment experience you might not be aware of this shift. You focus is on the maintenance and preservation of your physical body and the activities of your day-to-day life and responsibilities.

In this interface we would like to invite you to expand your point of view in such a manner that you can observe your dimension and the collective consciousness as a mindful witness. For the moment, put aside your judgments and fears, as well as your personal and programmed points of view, and you will become aware that something is taking place on a rather large scale.

Your planet is in the process of a spiritual awakening. When you begin to notice and pay attention to the larger unfolding, you become aware that truly, something is occurring. Most of the shifts and changes have been subtle and have been taking place for a great number of years; the shifts now, however are beginning to be obvious. You are observing the rise of feminine energy stepping up, speaking out and coming forth in leadership positions. 

More and more individual earthwalkers are waking up to the realization that they are more than their physical body. They are welcoming a new level of mindfulness within their actions and responses to current events. More and more humans are becoming curious about spiritual   practices, conscious exercises. More and more humans are standing up for the rights of others. 

There is a pulse, a surge moving in the collective, urging each individual to wake up. Personal codes are being activated. There is also a resurrection of ancient modalities of sacred traditions being woven into the awareness of how one relates to and effects energy and the quantum field.  

There are those who are awakening to the realization that they are more than who they thought themselves to be. They are truly multidimensional beings, aware that reality is a thought, reality is a particle, and reality is a wave. These beings are beginning to ride the energy in a new way. They are beginning to model and sculpt energy with more loving consciousness. They are envisioning and imagining and calling forth this new reality.

Often when individuals or even an entire collective experience intense stress, chaos, turmoil, violence, terrorism or extreme fear, there is a sudden shift of consciousness and awakening within. This shift in consciousness can come with internal as well as outer disturbances and confusion. 

You are witnessing the outer disturbance and confusion on your planet, as old patterns and beliefs are being questioned or threatened. Old limited ways of being and acting are being questioned. Humanity is waking up and pushing against the limited, unequal beliefs of the old paradigms.  A caution here, remember what you push against, what you resist will persist.

When a new paradigm is forming in the collective, the energy of the old paradigm appears to become stronger as if knowing it is about to be eliminated.

So the best and most profound way you personally can assist the pulse, this surge of awakening, is to use your creative power and ability as the true alchemist that you are and transmute the negative and misqualified energies. Practice using your imagination, your power, to envision a better more fulfilling world.  Own your power of intention.

Remember it is an illusion that things stay the same. Recognize and realize that your reality is always in flux. Each moment is offered new and ready for the imprint. The conscious or even the unconscious old habits, rigid beliefs, tell the fresh new energy what it is that you expect in your given reality. Each person is actively, in every moment, creating the reality in which they live and believe they exist.

Science and spirituality are merging in the reality that the laws of quantum physics are working through you, whether you believe them or not. You and your collective have the awesome opportunity to anchor, advance, and welcome the truths that are the first echoes of the new paradigm which are becoming apparent. 

The spiritual awareness of oneness with all has been in the collective consciousness for centuries as an idea. Now more is being revealed from the scientific realms as proof of this truth. Consider the ideas of entanglement and non-locality. Remember that entanglements occurs when two particles or two individuals are so deeply linked through the quantum field, that one particle or individual can instantaneously connect with the other non-locally, even at great distances.

We realize that this idea and phenomenon is not fully understood at this time, however it is accepted in the scientific realms in quantum mechanics. This means that the physical distance between the particles or perhaps two individual is irrelevant. This realization offers you a quantum leap in your idea of what is possible. Research is beginning to show that the physical world is not as physical as you think it to be. Reality is in fact an illusion. You are surrounded by energy.

This dimension is created by vibrations and frequencies of energy. Your physical body and brain are designed to interface with this field of energy information and translate it into experiences. You are an energy being having this human adventure.

As you acknowledge this truth and partner consciously with your energy self, your divine self, you step into a powerful place of creation. To able to understand this you need to change the way you think of the universe. Think of yourself as a divine creator playing with other divine creators in this realm and dimension. 

It is from this perspective that you realize and own that whatever energy you send out as a thought, emotion or word will manifest at some point in some way. This understanding will empower you to join other awake conscious beings energetically no matter their physical location and hold the vision, the intention of a world of balance, a world that honors nature and all living beings. As you know, more and more studies are being done using the power of intention and the energy of words to influence the outcome of a physical event.  

When a group of individuals join together in a prayer or meditation focused on a certain outcome, studies show there are positive results. The best thing about this awareness is that individuals as well as groups of dedicated beings can begin to offer a shift. You can and do influence the energy field. Since your planet is facing unprecedented challenges with climate instability, wars, and economic disparity, there has never been a more potent time on your planet for the collective to access within themselves higher realms of potential. This practice begins within and then joins the larger community creating a quantum shift in the world around you.

We invite you to remember that you have the awesome opportunity to anchor, advance, and welcome the first echoes and appearances of the new paradigm that is being called forth. We honor and acknowledge you as creator. Call upon us as well as other non-physical being of light to support you in this awesome work. the ‘team’

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