Merging of Selves and Soul Contract Renegotiation


I am in awe of the speed at which things have picked up. We have reached a tipping point where the ascension of the planet cannot be stopped and if we choose, we move right along with her.

I’m going to do my best to make sense of all that has been happening through my personal experiences and by what I am seeing “out there”.

This is most certainly the time of disclosure, the time of unveiling. We can look at it from an outward expression by what is taking place in the world, but more importantly, we can look at what is being exposed in our own lives. We had a very long year of many planets in retrograde, pulling back their energy to show us what is needed to be seen underneath. While it has left many of us feeling raw and vulnerable, it has shown us what is no longer working in our lives… what must change. None of this is comfortable in the form and often what lies underneath is a deep, deep grief and anger.

The anger is being expressed in so many ways from random violence to people just seem to lose it on one another. Anger is an emotion that is easier to emote and to find a reason why it is there. Grief is not so easy. I have spent a few days in the past few weeks just simply crying. I am comfortable with expressing my emotions, but not when I don’t have the words for why I feel the way that I do. I could not explain why I had this black pit of sorrow in my body, especially held in my lungs. I went into meditation to get answers and pulled oracle cards to only be given the same information: simply let it go, don’t attach to it, just let it out and through. 

Though I had allowed myself the space to release the grief, it was still held in my body. It was like this block in my lungs. I had planned to work out the next day, to see if movement would get it to finally release from my body. Spirit had other ideas. I fell down the stairs, slamming my middle back on the steps, knocking the wind out of me and effectively dislodging that block. It was so scary but miraculously I didn’t get physically hurt, only my pride as my husband stood over me as I sounded like I was dying while trying to catch my breath.

A subsequent visit with the chiropractor proved to me how effective the fall was. My upper spine and neck adjusted with such ease that even the doctor was shocked. The mountain of grief had gotten out of the way.

What I came to realize is that sometimes knowing the WHY behind something only attaches us to it further. I don’t need to understand what this grief stands for, particularly when it can be the pain held from a thousand lifetimes. It is better to simply let it go. After I was able to release the giant block of sadness I was told that it was not all from this lifetime, but from many and it part of the integration process we are on as we becoming one within ourselves.

Every person who has chosen to continue on this journey is going through this to some degree. We are merging with our shadow, all our aspects, our past lives, and galactic lives. This is not anything new as it is simply a process, but it does feel to have been sped up.  As we merge with these parts we can feel the deep emotions that were experienced in those lives. It is often the lungs that take the hit as just as the trees are the filters for carbon dioxide in the world, our lungs are the filters for our body and its unique expression.

The integration of all of these aspects even the ones deemed positive bring about many physical and emotional responses. If we merge with an aspect of ourselves that has a lower vibration, we must transmute the lower and raise it to our highest held vibration. The same goes for physical ailments. It can leave you feeling like you are on a yo-yo, mentally, physically and emotionally.

While it can feel like being in a torture chamber it is vital to the process to bring all that we are into alignment and heal any of the distortion, pain, and grief that is held. Understand that there is always a balance, a yin and yang. You are also merging with the aspects of you that hold incredible gifts and soul empowerment.

Another reason it has sped up is that we now are able to renegotiate our soul contract.

Contract Renegotiation

Dreams have been extremely intense for many of us. They are highly symbolic and have deep meaning for me. I will share with you the journey that I have been taken on as it may bring forth remembering of your own.

I dreamed that we were looking to move and were viewing a house. It was a cute house surrounded by these tall red rocks. It felt safe and protected. We walked along the property and at the back with this huge Boab tree with a door. I peered into the door to see a conference table and chairs. Next, we were discussing with the realtor the cost and she said it was $555,000. I looked at my husband like “yeah right” as it was way out of our budget and he says “Jen, we can do this.” I was then woken by my dog bouncing on the side of the bed. She was helping me to wake so that I remembered the dream and it didn’t get lost in the fog of sleep. I woke and realized that the number 555 means big changes and the Boab tree is also the tree of life.

In the next dream, I exited a train and was walking on a sidewalk to get to my next destination. The path was wide but the sides were sticky like tar or were quicksand. Outside the path was pure chaos. I saw war, cruelty, violence, and pain. I was scared and really reeling from what I was seeing. I didn’t feel safe and was afraid I would get lost in all that “out there”. Just then this incredibly tall, beautiful African man approaches me and says “I have you sister, follow me and do not pay attention to all that, your job is to stay on the path, make it stronger for others to follow.”  He walked with me until I got to the next train, as he left me he told me “You are safe and protected, stay on the true path of self.”  I woke from that dream feeling a little confused but grateful as I do feel like I am guided and safe.

A few days later I was completely unsettled. I had this anxious feeling of being a caged tiger, waiting to be set free. I was quite cranky and knew I needed to give myself the time to meditate. I told my husband he had kid duty and that I needed serious space to get myself straight. I felt the need to create a ceremony so I burned sage and called in the ancestors and my team. As I settled in for whatever was next, I was shocked to find myself in front of the Boab tree and there were beings around the conference table.

I stood outside the door for a few when my higher-self approached me and explained that it is time to rewrite my soul contract. She beckoned me to open the door and inside I see at the head of the table this woman is seated and in front of her is a large white book. She told me that the book contained my Akashic record of all the lives and lessons.

She opened the book and showed that about 2/3rd’s full the book was blank. I looked at her and she tells me that I needed to decide what I wanted. What did I want to create going forward? What did I want to learn? To explore? To achieve?

I immediately got nervous and all this doubt and fear came over me. I felt paralyzed. What if I choose wrong? How can I possibly come from a higher view to see all that I need to understand to make his decision? Then I was hit with this deep fear that I was not worthy of such an honor as being released from the old contracts into something new.

As I sat there just in shock my mind going a mile a minute, my higher-self grabbed my hand and told me that I simply needed to speak from the heart. My wishes, my desires, and the opposite of my fears (meaning if I fear poor health, to request good health). They asked that I not be super specific but rather create a blueprint of the building that is being created room by room. I can always decorate it later.

What it came down to it was what I wanted is to be able to assist people in transforming their lives, their world, and the earth while being authentic, having integrity, living my purest joy and being connected to the highest aspect of Source. No more sacrifice nor obligation. No more dogma or belief systems that keep us looping and always searching. It was incredibly freeing.

When she had written it all into the book, she closed it and asked me to put my hand on it. When I did, this energy surged through my body, connecting me to this new contract.  I felt incredibly light and joyous when I came out of the journey.

Since then, my body has been going through intense purges as all that I hold that is not in alignment with the new must go. It must be seen and released. It is amazing and exciting even while being exhausting.

We all have the opportunity to rewrite our contracts now. It is for this reason that the integration of All we Are has sped up. We have to bring it all home, integrate it in (the good, the bad, the incredible) before we can go forward and create new contracts.

About 2.5 months ago, I was taken on a journey to assimilate aspects of myself that I was not wanting to see. These were personality aspects and a part of my inner child I hadn’t yet healed. It was not an easy thing, but the reward was worth it.  Integrating the pieces I would rather have not seen helped me be ready to renegotiate my contract.

My team has given me permission to offer the journey to whoever is called as a guided meditation with healing frequencies, codes and morphic fields to help ease the integration. This will be given during the Group call on December 15th. They wanted it purposely positioned between the 12:12 gateway and the 12:21 Solstice. The 12:12 gateway promises to be one that loosens the hold of the 3D/4D reality within the form and this prepares us to really face ourselves and become empowered, embodied beings.

If you would like to be part of the Group call, please click on this link to register: don’t have to be present to participate as each one that registers will receive the Group Call with the energy updates and a separate file for the meditation so you can listen to it without having to hear the learning portion again. Each time you listen to the healing meditation it will take you deeper into your layers.

I am sending you all lots of love during this sacred time. Take care of yourself and each other. A big giant thank you to all who share this work. Social media platforms don’t always allow posts like this to be seen, so I and other bloggers rely on people sharing the work.

Jenny Schiltz

Jenny Schiltz Copyright © 2018 – While I am open to sharing my material with anyone who is interested and appreciate those who wish to help me share these messages, I must insist that you use the material in it’s entirety and original format with a link back to my site. This is critical for the video and spoken word content, as there are vibrational codes and frequency information that are simply lost when converted to other formats, such as read with an electronically-generated computer voice. Please contact me with your desire to use my material and I will gladly provide you with the original video or audio file for use on your site. Thank you! For all the information and content in this site, discernment is necessary. If you read or hear anything that doesn’t resonate with you, simply let it go and find what makes your soul say “yes”.


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