Message from the Angels


Message from the Angels

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

If only you knew how deeply you were loved you would wake up every morning expecting to receive help from the universe, expecting your day to flow smoothly and gracefully, and feeling free to embrace another joyous day of life!

Unfortunately so many of you were not raised to expect love, help, and assistance from the creator and the angels. Many of you were raised with the belief that you had to “earn” God’s love, that you had to approach the angels only with “higher” requests, and that you shouldn’t “bother” the Divine with trivialities. In fact, nothing could be farther than the truth. You are loved. You are guided. You are worthy. You don’t need to earn love. It is freely given, at all times.

The question is not, “Are you loved? Are you guided?” but rather are you open to receiving this love and guidance?

Imagine you stand in front of a locked door, struggling to open it. You jiggle the key in the lock. You try the doorknob and still nothing budges. You pound on the doorway and no one answers. In frustration, you try even harder. You step back and your mind goes in circles as you try to figure out how to open this doorway.

The only thing you feel like doing is sitting. So you sit and wait, sit and wait, and suddenly you get the urge to see what lies around the corner. You argue with yourself! “No!” I have to sit here and wait for someone to let me in or until I figure out how to break in!” Nonetheless the urge to take a walk remains.

Finally you give in to this desire and you walk around the house… where you find an open door and loving people waiting to greet you!

So it is with your life. If something doesn’t work as you wish, wait until you are inspired to do something else. Surrender. Trust. You are always loved, always guided, always being quietly beckoned along a path that will bring you everything you want and need. You only have to pay attention to your heart and be willing to receive this love.

For every situation in which you feel out of control, the Divine is. Control what you can. Relax, release, and surrender what you can’t. In so doing you will live a beautiful, guided, and happy life, and you will enjoy your holidays… stress free!

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

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