Light Streaming / December 2018 ~ Amplify Joyousness


ight Streaming / December 2018 ~ Amplify Joyousness

It’s been quite the time of re-calibration these past weeks, especially after the incredible implosion of light that I experienced in the Crestone Colorado community mid-November. Just a week after returning, I lost my voice for a time, which ended up being quite the blessing on many different levels. 
When setting intention for this month’s message, a beautiful grouping of blue beings showed up with the following message, both personal and universal:
From these amazing blue beings:
May your heart kiss the sun of your universe. May all beings be happy. We are of the world yet we cannot interfere in the choices you make. There is never a good time to step away from struggle yet step away you must. The consciousness grid of oppression and control is upon you yet you have the power to create a quantum shift within you. There is no outside force that can harm you without your express permission.

There are many who shall tell you that your world is doomed to fail yet we see that you cannot see what we know. Many of the forces that you believe to be obstacles are not that at all. They are merely the old illusionary influences that have fallen prey to the allure of perceived power and worldly influences.

The higher vibrational frequency that comprises the consciousness grid of righteousness is well underway. The growing forces of light have already created the tipping point for the shift of the ages. In your world you cannot see what we know. Yes, my daughter, we have repeated this statement with purpose.

There is one world from your perspective-we know that you understand that there are many matrixes to your world. It is the many as one harmonized reality that we wish to speak with you about. 

Your role is to speak, to serve, as a conduit for the legions of light yet you insist upon stepping into the darkest of the agendas, to lift the lid, to expose the distortion. This is not yours to do. Others, well-equipped, are doing just that. Your assignment is to build the new and you cannot do that while looking under the carpet, so to speak.

Take a deep breath and re-center yourself on your mission. Hang out in the ethers, if you must or wish, and know when you feel yourself ready to begin anew.

Step into the void, and bring about the images and knowings of the world that you see and understand. We are all beings and are all loved by our Creator. All beings are honored for who they truly are, light expressing as Love.

The zero point is that which brings about spontaneous shifts simply because there is a holding of all choice, all possibility, in the heart. Align with the knowing of the desire to see all as One, and sense the waves of light emanate from the heart of God that you are already.

Set your intuition for Love. See yourself as that. Know who you are, and as you do, set yourself free. Choose joy as a path of service, not strife nor turmoil, but joyousness. These are the waves that flow forth from the zero point and create echoes of Love that emanate from your life choices. Love and honor thy self and as you do, know that all is truly well.

While the flow of the energy was light and loving, when thinking about the above message, I had to admit that I felt duly corrected, and recognized that I had been giving the worldly turbulence way too much attention. 
That week of total silence showed up right on time because it afforded me the time to deeply rest and to reset my focus, which served to further open up my inner sight. With that level of integration, the energy patterns are more clear now. 
In the new earth matrix of righteousness, there are pockets of light and shadow that hang outside our field at all times. It’s a reminder to me, especially as I stand witness to how others are interacting with these pockets of energy, to stay light and focused on joy, and simply enjoy the deepening sense of connection to this very refined energy that emanates from the Zero Point- and treasure the feeling and knowing of Love Beyond Measure.
Sending waves of Love to you, and wishing you a wonderful Holiday Season.
Carol Fitzpatrick
Visionary Guide and Soul Coach


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