Akashic Transformations for December 2018 through Jen Eramith


his month has a sharp, angular energy that is crystal clear. It looks like an icicle hanging from the eaves of a building. There is a feeling that ideas, emotions, words, thoughts, and more will have a sharp edge. That sharp edge is a newfound communal commitment to the truth. It is composed of humanity collectively having dropped one layer of self-deception. You are collectively experiencing disillusionment. This can feel disappointing and sad or scary, but it is truly a great freedom to let go of the illusions that you have been operating under and to operate more clearly from a place of truth. Disillusionment is the foundation for liberation as well as for enlightenment.  

This month, assume that every word, every emotion, and every idea will have an edge of cutting clarity. If you are prepared for that, you can appreciate the beauty of it. Prepare by deciding to keep your emotions removed from your endeavors. This is not a time for hurt feelings. It is not a time for thin skin. It is not a time to explore your deepest emotions and heal, but instead it is a time to exchange ideas and learn together. This month, let hurt feelings arise and then pass through you like a brief storm rather than clinging to your feelings as a form of information. It is fine to have feelings, it is important to have feelings, but this month is a month of ideas.

Continue to find a place to nurture your emotional selves aside from the place where you are discussing, debating and creatively exchanging ideas with others. If you will do that this month, it will be so much fun. There is so much fun to be had with one another as you learn to laugh at your problems together, as you learn to say what you really mean and let go of the exhausting effort it takes to pretend things are not as they are…

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