Sophia – What this Ascension really is


November 14, 2018

Are you available to connect?

I am. It is I. It is One.

There are additional things to say.

You must stand alone. You must stand alone. You must stand alone.

These times now are not times in which you will count on the strength of your fellow man or woman to hold you up, to support you.

You will ascend alone.

You will ascend individually.

You will reach a point in which you will look around 360 degrees and see that you are in fact alone. And also, that you are in fact holding yourself up.

You may not look as you imagined. However, you may, instead, be much bigger. For the you that stands alone is not ego-you, not little earth-you in 2018.

It is YOU – the BIG YOU. The YOU that is ONE and is All.

You will not recognize her or him because you’ve not yet met.

Oh, there have been glimpses. Powerful moments of connection to this you that is YOU – this YOU that is All.

You feel her/him more than see her/him.

For I tell you this, as you watch yourself stand there alone, you are alone only in your current thought. There are always those angels and others of you who are with you. They remain unseen yet not unknown.

They are known in your heart. There is a specific feeling that accompanies your fulfillment into space beyond this body you occupy.

It is a feeling of home.

This home does not reside in your body – it rents your physical self temporarily, as you are here in your physical self, waiting for recognition.

You will ascend as One. Because you are not able to ascend solitarily. This has been demonstrated already in your chosen timeline and is not to be repeated.

The Second Coming is the Coming of All.

It is as if Source expanded into 8 billion+ components that will simultaneously recognize their godhood, their unity, their Source.

These factions are not less than One. This imagining of being less than One is semantics. It is intentional. It has been created so that there would be every possible version and perversion of enlightenment.

Hue-Man is unique in his make-up and so will be unique in his ascension.

It cannot be foretold.

It is not like any other.

It is the Unification in the Physical of that which was not actually separate.

You must come together dramatically and absolutely. It is the way of your race.

For love is not possible when experienced in isolation or when observed as the opposite of hate. *

*Note, here it means that using hate in a conversation describing what love feels like is a misunderstanding of the truth of what love is. Sophia

It is possible as the only expression of one who has expanded and ascended.

Loves does not dictate action. With love there exists the possibility of separation. **

** Note, this meant physical separation as in relationship break-ups, re-locations, deaths, etc. Sophia

This is not loss and not to be viewed as true separation.

In truth there is never separation, all is One.

There is only one question now for you who travel this road –
“What would love do?”

Do that.

You will find peace there.

That is all.

Thank you.

The conversation ended.


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