Daily Message ~ Wednesday November 21, 2018


Daily Message ~ Wednesday November 21, 2018
By Trinity Esoterics on Nov 21, 2018 11:00 am

We have spoken extensively about the fact that you are completing the first phase of your incarnation and stepping forward into a brand new phase. You are wrapping things up much like you would do a life review at the end of a lifetime. For many of you what you have lived through and have been working on healing and releasing will start to feel very far removed, much like a pastlife.

Old patterns that would have had you triggered before will no longer hold a charge. Ways you used to give your power away are no longer an option. Areas of your life that you had trouble standing up for yourself are not challenges anymore because you have stepped off of that timeline.

Some of you are already in your new phase, some of you are in the transition between the two, and others haven’t quite finished wrapping up the old yet. How do you know where you are?

If you are in the next phase of your incarnation, even though all the elements may not have come together and you are just getting glimpses of the new, you have a clear feeling that you belong where you are and that you have stepped into a new beginning. You may have moved or experienced other major life events such as changing careers or life partners (or all of the above!) You are not feeling any urge to travel or leave, but rather will be busy grounding into the energy of where you are with your presence.

If you are in the in-between phase, you know that the past is done. You have a sense of completion about it, but haven’t quite seen where you are going next. You know it isn’t where you’ve been. While this phase can be challenging and uncomfortable, your discomfort lets you know that your energy no longer matches the old and that something new is in the process of manifesting for you. You may feel poised, ready to move, a sense that you are anxiously waiting for news, or a knowing that change is coming.

If you are still wrapping up the old, you still feel the need to be where you’ve been. You might be concentrating on rearranging your foundation in order to support change in the future. This might include concentrating on healing, focusing on dismantling old themes, preferring solitude, or learning new skills that are necessary for your next phase. You might be honouring old roles or service contracts that you have entered into that you know will be coming to an end but aren’t quite complete yet.

Please know that you can move through different phases very quickly in the new energies you are stepping into. There is no set amount of time for any phase – all are playing out in a way that is divinely perfect. Profound change can happen in what feels like the blink of an eye even though you have been preparing for it for so very long.

Follow your heart. Listen to your inner knowing. Flow when movement is supported, and rest and get clarity on who you really are and what your preferences are when it is not. The coming year will give you all much more information as you step forward out of this pivotal year of transformation. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Have a wonderful day !
Love, Shelley


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