A Message to Lightworkers – November 20, 2018


A Message to Lightworkers – November 20, 2018
by Caroline Oceana Ryan

The latest guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elementals, Faery Elders, Angels, and Archangels known as the Collective . . .

Greetings, dear ones! We are very pleased to have this time to speak with you again.

For today’s Message, a Lightworker has asked us to speak on the issue of racial conflict. They write:

“As a white person who has endeavored to help address our problems of racial inequity, I’ve found that there is still such huge tension between people of different races, and that well-meaning efforts on any side can be misinterpreted and lead to further hurt or divided feelings.

I am wondering about the big picture way to understand and address this racial conflict and mistrust that humans around the world, and certainly in the US, continue to experience.”

This is an excellent question, and a multilayered issue, as these are created scenarios that you describe, and not accidental ones, though they appear to have evolved on their own.

It is so that for centuries, certain races declared supremacy over certain other races, and that this caused great division, and not only in terms of military defenses.

In every day life, very real social and cultural divides found their way into everyday beliefs.

It also provided the impetus for certain races to “explain” the superiority they naturally claimed over others—to justify it with stories, false science, and creation myths that explained why they were the master race, and why other races and cultures were destined to serve their master group.

The entire idea of enslaving nonwhites, or those of a particular religion, class, or ethnicity, or women or children, served not only the “master race” ideology.

It also provided a reason to subjugate those groups judged as inferior, stating they would be mired in helplessness and chaos without patriarchal control over them.

Over time, the majority of the world population was taught that they were not fit to run their own lives, let alone whole communities.

Photo by Lynne Newman

You may have read of white abolitionists counseling free Black abolitionists in the 1800s that they were not ready to become editor of an abolitionist newspaper, for example, despite the Black abolitionists’ education and eloquent speaking and writing abilities.

That sort of condescension and low expectation of intelligence—of women, nonwhites, children, certain religious groups, etc., was intentionally constructed and continues in certain forms to the present day.

For millennia, there has been on your planet a race of beings (actually, several races, in conflict over who shall rule most powerfully) that not only adjusted human DNA to a lower level, so as to deny you much of your natural etheric, mental, and physical capabilities.

They also set forward whole religions, national ideologies, philosophies, government, educational, and economic systems and technologies built to ensure that one small group would be served first of all Earth’s bounty, while the rest were made to scramble for whatever may remain.

Of those oppressed, certain groups stand out in history—the millions of Africans kidnapped and forced into slavery in Europe and the United States for several centuries, the Chinese sold as slaves in the US and Canada, or who worked for desperately low wages on the Canadian railroads, the Irish enslaved to the plantations in the West Indies, the Mexicans, South and Central Americans, and Native Americans kidnapped and enslaved in the American Southwest.

Slavery has likewise existed throughout Asia, including Australia, and in numerous countries in Africa.

And those eventually freed by new laws were still, of course, held captive by strongholds of discrimination. This too was highly intentional, and not only for what was reaped from low-cost labor.

The “ruling elite” have fed off the despair energy of oppressed peoples, including women and children living under oppressive patriarchal structures, for many centuries.

The hierarchical mindset holds that only a few are meant to rule, to make decisions, to determine meanings and beliefs, while the rest are mean to serve and do as they are told.

This philosophy has continued into the present.

It is corporations, billionaires, and trillionaires who crack the whip now, rather than field overseers.

Yet many millions have awakened enough to understand that ancestral lands were stolen out from under them or their forebears, and that they still labor and live in unfair conditions—economically and socially, as well as racially.

And so you have this extreme unevenness set as a precedent for recorded Earth history, but we assure you—that history which has gone unrecorded holds a much different reality.

In the time of Atlantis, and the time of Lemuria before that, there existed principles and everyday living in which all were considered vital parts of the culture.

No one’s vote was discounted out of sheer contempt for their “beginnings” or their color, gender, orientation, place of origin, or beliefs.

In those nonhierarchical cultures, people knew their resourcefulness, their natural genius, their place in the Universe.

They did not look upon their fellow human as competition or a threat—someone who might steal from them the last scrap of bread they had managed to find.

They did not resent one sort of person as being closer to the master race than they were, nor look down upon those seemingly furthest from it.

They respected and believed not only in the sacred nature of individuality—the Star origin and soul presence of each person and cultural group—but in each person’s Divinity.

That belief has been intentionally excluded from Earth life since the Fall of those great civilizations, with suspicion and separatism sewn in their place.

Yet, you need not feel that that is what now typifies race relations, as it is called, on this planet.

Photo by Jennifer Scalia

What we see increasingly are people opening their hearts to one another, trusting one another as individuals, and being willing to ignore that which in the past would have stopped them from reaching out to someone who looked or thought a bit “different” from them.

Not everyone will speak or think as you do, of course. Their cultural and historical background may well be different from yours.

Yet do they recognize unconditional Love when they see it? That growing sense of Divinity within them would answer “Yes!” every time.

Do people recognize a loyal friend or helpful, kind coworker when they see one? They do, whether they say as much or not.

And do people know intuitively when someone respects them, looking them in the eye as they speak to them, counting them fully as one of Creation’s more beautiful expressions?

Again—their high heart will respond, whether their personality or ego-mind notices and appreciates that or not.

A heart hardened by years of abuse, discrimination, and condescension will not necessarily open immediately to one steeped in Divine Love.

And yet, in the moment that Light is given, a crack appears through which that Light can powerfully shine.

You have met examples from every social group of those who, despite their group’s painful history, are brilliant examples of empowering Divine Love, shining from every pour.

Your job, dear one—anyone’s job—is not necessarily to tackle head on those issues that are deeply sewn with centuries of pain and trauma.

Your job is to smile at others, to allow yourself to Love and accept every single person you meet, whether they appear to be open to such or not.

It is fine to withdraw your energies or attention from someone who is not good for you; who is so inwardly closed or abusive as to be too difficult to speak with.

Yet do not express or sink into judgment. You cannot know what they have been through.

Be your own brilliant self, allowing higher energies to flow from the heart-mind as you speak to all with equal amounts of acceptance, celebrating the fact of their existence on the Earth at this time.

No one needs you to cure or even speak of the centuries-old entrainment humanity has undergone.

Human beings need you (and everyone) to realize your Divinity.

Realize it full enough that the separation, the unsureness and edginess so many feel in relation to those who are meant to be the Other, just dissolves, because it cannot remain in the face of such beautiful and empowering Light.

We would release the need to feel troubled by the issues, and simply declare Unity — that all are One.

Celebrate it, and be a living embodiment of it.

We would dance with anyone open-hearted enough to do so, in other words. And be respectful and interested in another’s customs, history, language, or beliefs, yet not to feel shut out by them, or worry that they feel shut out from yours.

For all are One, and are reclaiming this now, in the most beautiful of ways.

By asking this question about interconnection among groups, you are proclaiming that it is time—for both the 99.99% and the .01%—to move well beyond that which has enslaved the human spirit and psyche for so long.

By declaring Divine Love the only true Law of the land, you break the spell so many have labored under for thousands of years.

And you decree your own freedom, your own uniqueness, your own brilliant part of Unity consciousness.

You declare, in other words, the New Earth, the New Human, the New Life being birthed for all.

And that is enough.

Namaste, dear ones! We are with you, always.

Copyright 2018, Caroline Oceana Ryan

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A Message to Lightworkers – November 20, 2018

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