Beloved Ones,

I come to speak this day about the great cleansing that is continuing upon the Earth plane and within each and everyone of you. You are digging ever deeper into your self and clearing all of the old energies, thoughts and feelings that no longer serve you. This is creating a time of confusion and doubt in some of you. This is a time to remember that you are dedicated not only to serving the Light of God that never fails but also to your own fully integrated ascension. We realize that it is tough going for you and we understand how alone you sometimes feel and how you question whether you are on your right path. If you are reading this, Dear One, you ARE on the right path.

Each of you is a member of the Family of Light and has elected to come to Earth at this time to serve in the capacity of anchors of the energy of the higher dimensions. You were cognizant of the great challenge this would present to you, as you would be required to detach yourself from the pool of consciousness known as the mass consciousness and in its place, create a change in that consciousness through your effort and will. Your efforts are bearing fruit, Dear Ones! There is a decided increase in the level of Light that now permeates the collective consciousness and humanity is beginning to become aware that there is much that they can do to change their personal circumstances and their world.

Upon every highway and byway, each person is realizing there has been much that has been given to them throughout their lifetime that is information based on an illusion. This is a very painful time for these ones, as they have to admit to these truths within themselves. To some people, it is quite shocking to have these revelations about the true state of the world they have been living on. They are in the process of the re-evaluation of their dearly held belief systems and are now beginning to take their newly found awarenesses out into the world. They are asking serious questions of those whom they trusted as being authorities working for their highest good and are also not taking being ignored as an accepted answer. 

The world is waking up! Look about you and see how much it has changed from even yesterday! The chains of illusion are breaking away from the minds of humanity and they are beginning to see the true state of affairs upon the Earth. They are beginning to realize the potential power that they possess as a people united in a great common cause. You will be seeing more of this and many of you will also join and support these endeavors in some capacity in order to facilitate the great changes that you have all been working towards. This is all to the good, for there are many more people in your world who join and give more weight and power. The time of the Great Awakening is now occurring all about you and as this continues many changes will come upon your land and your world.

You are a part of this peaceful revolution, for you are the ones who dedicated your lives to bringing this into manifestion. This is a time of transition for everyone and great strides will be made in the awareness levels of all humankind. All that remains is to remain steadfast and true upon your path of service to the Divine Plan for the Earth and all of humanity. All is now coming together in alignment, past, present and future.

You are dearly loved and immensely supported. Do not forget this in your daily lives.

I AM Mother Mary

 ©Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu’tama

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