A word from the Collective on Dissolving Abundance Blocks!


Greetings, Amazing One!

I wanted to share a few of the hundreds of survey responses I got last week, asking what your biggest Abundance blocks are.

The biggest money manifestation block for most people seems to be not knowing which tools and methods will really work for you, consistently:

  • “I feel like I’ve done a ton of cultivation to hold the energy of Abundance, and it still doesn’t flow in beyond my basic needs being met.”


  • “I am very impatient. I feel I am on the right trajectory, but the most challenging part is not asking “When and Where” [the money will come from].


  • “You hear about so many affirmations, meditations, and your state of mind; give us something that truly works!”


  • “Why do I remain in lack, when I feel like I do the right things?”


  • “How do I create more money and Abundance in a short period of time?”


  • “I’m looking for the proper steps and procedures that bring positive and expedited results.”


  • “How do I create and sustain self-supporting financial freedom?”

Here is a quick answer from the Collective on Facebook — just scroll down a bit on the Abundance Group FB page till you see the video.

If you’re not on Facebook, the video is also on my website.

It is full of higher energies, to lift your Abundance vibration and support your manifestations:

I completely understand the survey responses.

Before I started studying Abundance as a spiritual journey, I didn’t even know manifestation methods existed.

I wasn’t a conservative business type; I was never going to be a bottom-line hard-driver.

And I thought money didn’t like me—along with inner Peace, self-Love, positive relationships, rewarding work, and feeling deserving.

Once I started reading spiritual prosperity books, I was shocked to learn that the Universe wanted to work with me—that it is set up to work with us, not against us.
Today my health, relationships, work life, and finances have improved to where I’m a whole new person.
I know other people who have experienced the same, and so do you.
We got there because we were willing to accept a kind of Transformation.

So my question is: If you’re looking to master manifesting—are you willing to accept inner Transformation?

Will you accept the energy clearing, healing, and frequency lifts needed to raise your vibration to where you will ALLOW and CALL IN Abundance, in all its beautiful forms?
I know—you’ve tried every manifestation method you could find, yet nothing works consistently for you.

Or you don’t know how to increase the speed of money of money coming into your life, or you doubt it can happen, so you spend your time panicking or calculating how you can get enough to get by this month.

Manifestation tools are great. 

But if you’re feeling locked out of your Abundance birthright, you’re also in need of release from low-vibe thoughts, subconscious beliefs, and feelings about money, and what’s possible for you to have.
The Collective touch on this in the video, which I’ve posted on The Abundance Group Facebook page and on my website.

Please do leave your comments or questions below the FB post (or do the quick survey – on the website, under the video). 

Let me know what you think—was the video helpful? Or not? In what way? 
What would you like the Collective to address in their next video, which will be on the next-biggest area the survey lit up: Feeling Undeserving or Unworthy and Lack of Confidence.

Please do leave your comments and questions under the first video, on theAbundance Group Facebook page.

The best help the Collective can give, is by answering you right where you are at this time!

Thank you so much!

Much Love and Light,


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