Cosmic Weather Report September 2018 Karma: Getting in, in order to get out By Mark Borax


By Ruysen Flores Venancino

When retrograde planets turn direct a lot of pressurized energies suddenly release. Saturn goes direct at the beginning of September and Pluto goes direct at the end of the month, releasing pent-up forces of karma. Both 3 Capricorn, where Saturn turns forward, and 19 Capricorn, where Pluto does, have to do with getting deeper into your karma in order to get out.

How do you go in in order to get out?

By recognizing a dysfunctional pattern of sex, love, friendship, finances, or health while remaining willing to find some new opening deep inside it. This requires a committed journey of self-discovery down below your surface consciousness into the murky depths of longstanding grievances and unhealed wounds, some of which you inherited from your forebears and past lives.

Turning karma around at the root is the great art of human awakening, because until you awaken at the root you may grow new ideas and even attain dazzling consciousness, but the unhealed karmic roots within you will eventually team up with other people’s karmas to co-create the same dysfunction sooner or later.

The journey down requires self-honesty, faith and perseverance. Self-honesty is needed to confront your role in inadvertently producing patterns of limitation. Faith is needed to recognize the pearl of great price contained in the fangs of your inner demons without getting further ensnared in their coils ~ a process Jungians call shadow work. And perseverance must be summoned because when you gaze into your dark places you will not like everything you see; you may feel paralyzed by the weight of it all.

As you awaken to the roots of karma it takes inner strength to suspend self-judgement and condemnation. At this stage of the journey you must give yourself the vast benefit of the doubt that something hardy and regenerative has always been packed inside you, some refuge of wholeness inside the brokenness. Encased in the festering darkness of frozen love and calcified emotion, snarled within the coils of the Beast, is an unimaginable reservoir of love and well-being that makes everything you had to go through to get there so much more than worth it. In more than thirty years of conducting private soul-level readings, there is nothing more rewarding than getting to this regenerative source that often rises from the depths of a session.

The breakthrough moment occurs when you gaze through karmic layers to find the love trapped within. When you contact the soul on such a primal level you inject new life into the dead places. You resurrect. You gain a rush of well-being in the very place where the old pattern used to repeat and might start to snag you again. Down in this dungeon, if you learn to steer clear of self-blame and condemnation, the entrenched karmic pattern begins to dissolve. Because the pattern was sourced in the split between you and yourself, as you begin to heal this split you also begin to release the pattern at its very root.

By Daredevil Photographer Anna Arinova
Now other people’s demons may reach out but you’re less tempted to bite. Now the world may go crazy all around you but some fierce raging sanity takes hold deep within you. Now that you’ve faced your demons and found something deeper, other people’s demons lose their hold over you.

On the other side of this month’s karmic tunnel awaits the vital presence you gain to be true to yourself in all situations regardless of what craziness is going on. When you clear karma at the root you release your subconscious need to sabotage your best intentions. Even if somebody’s dark pattern reaches out to activate yours, there’s less tendency to fall for it. At the climax of this journey to self-awakening all your prior snags draw back pressure like the groaning wood of a catapult that releases, rocketing you out of karmic entanglement into a living future filled with creative possibilities.

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