A Message to Lightworkers – August 24, 2018


A Message to Lightworkers – August 24, 2018

The latest guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elementals, Faery Elders, Angels, and Archangels known as the Collective:

Greetings, friends! We are very pleased to have this time to speak with you again.

At this time, you are experiencing the pull of different energetic influences, some of which come in  via your intellect, others by your physical senses, and others intuitively.

We are aware that many of these energies conflict with one another.

You are feeling increasingly, for example, the presence of the New Earth—the increasing reality of your vision of Earth as a place of Peace and prosperity, of Abundance for everyone, of no armed conflict and little to no interpersonal conflict, where countries call themselves nations and tribes, each valuing other cultures’ rights and freedoms as well as their own.

You are feeling increasingly that you can be a healthy, ever-young, joyful, easygoing human being who knows how to manifest what he or she needs at any one time, joyfully assisting others in finding their higher path and their joy in life, even as you find your own.

And yet, there are moments that push or pull in other directions.

You are seeing now a release of dense energies coming up from deep within the Earth, where they have existed for centuries, influencing or drawing off of various etheric energy grids.

These beings are now being expunged or expelled from the Earth plane, as the planet’s own frequency becomes too high for them to exist in Her.

As Earth energies move into increasing independence, resilience, and rebirth, they become increasingly discordant with those of the lower realms.

Lower energy forms and entities are therefore moving about the Earth, looking for anchor points.

They are ordering their minions to create events that will draw up enough dense emotion amongst the masses to create energetic “food” sources and anchor points that these forms can hold onto. (A plan that is failing.)

Likewise, there is much density rising up out of of human beings, leaving those with rising consciousness feeling unhappy with the violence, narrow-mindedness, or separatist philosophies of others.

Many millions are also contending with the shadow aspects arising from within their own energies, which can also be disconcerting, painful, and draining to deal with.

We will, as always, ask you to step back, dear ones, from what you are seeing and feeling, so that you are not getting “swallowed” by these moments so much as quietly observing them as they arise.

We speak of these moments as those times in which your or another’s experience rises up in ways that feel very dense and difficult.

Some of those you feel anger or amazement toward are in positions of power; others are simply random folk interviewed on television or video who are cheerfully supporting those whom you see as steeped in greed, violence, and an egoic need for power—whether speaking for the Right or for the Left.

In your own spirit, you will see some days aspects of yourself you did not know were there.

Some of these are reactions to injustices you and others have suffered in this and other lives.

They may draw up feelings of anger, grief, or abandonment.

Over the centuries, many have experienced Earth and the Universe as a cold, unfeeling place that leaves its own to suffer.

All of that rises to the surface now, in ways that it could not have before now.

For you were not strong enough in past lives to face the energies of accumulated Earth life experiences over many centuries, let alone to be in a position to learn how to dissolve or resolve them.

If those had risen to the surface before now, they would have placed a far heavier weight on your consciousness and even your cellular makeup than you could have borne up under.

One of the things you came in for in this particular Earth life, was to release the still-in-place chains and prisons of past life experiences, as well as experiences you have had in the etheric, between Earth lives.

Some of you have also experienced a sort of void in the afterlife, as that is all you were informed in the previous life could exist “after death.”

You were able to choose to return to Earth by those who had promised to look after you and who, while respecting your free will, knew when to step in and assist in your soul development.

It is from the Earth plane that the chains of past experience can be best dissolved for all time.

Though you may feel your sight is most limited on the Earth, nevertheless, you have great potential while here to remake that which you desire to lift to a far higher frequency and form of experience.

That is how powerful you are.

The old power structure created huge Earth structures (religion, modern medicine, education, government) and energy grids to convince you otherwise, yet they are failing, and they know it.

This has set another wave of desperation into the air, and yet—we assure you, it is not the most powerful energetic presence you are experiencing now.

For if you will hold your heart open, and ask to be able to see and feel the higher energies now anchoring so beautifully into Earth and all Her beings, you will sense an immense Creative power—the kind you may feel oceans and mountains are made of, and in great expanses of space, the Creator presence from which new planets are formed.

As you open up to feeling the presence of those energies enhancing Earth life and lifting all in their upward movement, you come to care less and less for any form of density.

It becomes a form of experience that you realize you have outgrown.

That uphill trudge of painful experience is no longer needed for the kind of exponential soul growth you came here to create.

And so we would say, it may be best for you to give yourself permission now to “give up the drama” as a way of life—even that which you feel is needed to “make a point” to someone whose path seems to be headed in the wrong direction.

Allow yourself the chance to see that their path is also sacred, as yours has always been, even in those moments when your lack of inner sight led you to do, say, or believe something that was never for your higher good.

Release the need to understand another’s path, for you are coming into increasing peaceful understanding of your own—more in the heart-space, than the left-brain—and the words and symbols for that will come of their own accord, in the right time and way.

The courage and confidence that realization gives you will lift you well above the need to judge, criticize, or feel degraded by anything happening around you.

You are even now the sovereign being you were born to be! For this you came.

Namaste, Friends and Light Warriors! You are never alone.

Copyright 2018, Caroline Oceana Ryan

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