The Upside to Criticism


Hello Luminaries

Reality is literally an expression of consciousness coming to life.
From its birth, each manifestation is constantly growing in an upward trajectory. 

Because of its ever-evolving nature, along with a growing sense of self-awareness throughout the tapestry of time and space, we refer to everything as a creative expression of source energy. 

That which lives as an expression of Source (or creative energy) manifests the creative energy of Source in those who view it. 

One of the first levels of creative expression is how creatively someone imagines changing the landscape of perceptions in view.

This occurs through the formation of an opinion. As opinions get formed, one decides how they feel about the things in view, unaware how their feeling is not due to what exists to be seen, but reflective in the quality of how they choose to see it. 

Instead of thinking of criticism as a personal attack, rest in knowing it is your creative energy, whether expressed simply in your existence, or 
reflected in the artistry of your creation that inspires a greater wellspring of creativity in others. 

As creative energy matures, each of us is able to spontaneously pull inspiration out of the ethers. This occurs without projecting our need for change onto the perfection of existing creations, in order to express the artistry of our aliveness. 

“As creative energy matures, each of us is able to spontaneously pull inspiration out of the ethers.”

From this space, the upside of criticism occurs in recognizing that while others may critique your existence, they are merely in the process of cultivating a deeper inner awareness; preparing to bring out the inner artist waiting to be born in their heart. 

Those who criticize may not know their criticism as a crucial rite of passage along the journey of awakening. It might just be mindless projections keeping at bay the potential for intimate connections where one has more to lose in being open and vulnerable when hiding behind the mask of ego. 

No matter how cold-hearted or mean-spirited others seem to be, as long as you know the deeper inner workings that occur, you are less likely to judge and condemn those whose evolving creative energy is internally fighting for a more expanded way to see their world in view. 

May all be met with patience, tolerance, and compassion with respect to the evolving artist in every heart — no matter how often they use their creativity to limit themselves by how often they ridicule another. 

May all be healed by the light of love, so our creative energy may be used consciously for the greater good of all. 

All For Love, 
Matt Kahn

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