The Pleiadian Council of Light

All energies move forward in a field of invisible display. No event is wrong or right all serve a place of divine proportion. For all that is expected, births the unexpected. Everything leads to evolution no matter where the path begins and ends. It is by walking upon your own makings and marks thru time that you will understand your abilities.
As you walk into the wholeness and the holiness of the expression of who you once knew yourself to be, you will find that the lines that divide and separate your being begin to fade. You will find that the expression of self that you know as the beginning and the ending of this life no longer are divided mechanisms. They have become streamlined. Issuing decrees of cleansing and clearing. 
Open the gate to all that keeps separated in thoughts, and longings. Open the gate to a future in which you are totally in health, in love, in joy, in beauty, in youth. For it is only your belief systems that decay the body. It is only your belief systems that keep you from moving forward in leaps and bounds. It is your canyon that seems endless in a sky that seems cloistered. Open the gate and set free all that has once served you so that it can learn to fly, to swim, to tunnel deep into the earth. Open the gate to everything that your parents, your teachers, and your lovers told you that you could not be, you could not accomplish, you could not experience. 
Experience the flowing of your being, without end and without beginning. Let go of all self-imposed limitations. Let go of all excuses that you have worn as mementos. Unleash the potential that you have kept sequestered, growing root-bound in containers of old thinking that limit you. Open to see all that is happening in a single moment in any place in time. 
When God, the Almighty One, the Prime Creator desires, that desire is enough to make birth it Your desires have great potential within them. God but desires an outcome and it is made so. Watch your words and world more closely and you will see what we speak is not an alienated truth, nor a diluted truth, but an expanded truth. Let go of the way you define yourself and allow your soul to re-define you in a way that serves the soul’s path. We are the Pleiadian Council of Light be brave enough to run barefoot into your future. 


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