A Message to Lightworkers – August 10, 2018


A Message to Lightworkers – August 10, 2018

The latest guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elementals, Faery Elders, Angels, and Archangels known as the Collective:

Greetings, friends! We are very pleased to have this time to speak with you again.

We wish to say, that if you are feeling exhausted, a bit dizzy, feeling as if the clock and the calendar hold no real relevance, disinterested in food or a bit too interested, or if you’re awakening in the morning knowing you had important conversations and experiences while in the sleep state—you are doing quite well.

It would be more unusual to not be experiencing any of those situations, considering the powerful transformative shift you are in at present, in the midst of astrological events and waves of energy now transforming your galaxy physically as well as energetically.

Let us look at Time, for a moment.

As you feel increasingly that clocks are no longer necessary, it is because you are coming to experiencing the present moment all the more powerfully, realizing that each hour does not so much lean into or follow on from another, but stands on its own as an important moment in life.

As you feel calendars are also increasingly irrelevant, you come to realize that there is only Now—that each day is important, but need not be marked and given automatic meaning, and that each Monday or Saturday need not be spent the same way week in and week out.

Any hour or day of the week can be a freeing, creative, self-expressive time—not only this day or that hour.

Likewise, any “weekday” can be used for doing something meaningful or learning something new, and not only fulfilling the 9 to 5 construct.

Photo by Lynne Newman

As you look at food differently, you begin to realize that your body’s needs are changing, sometimes drastically.

You may have already come to consider pure water the best and newest food group, and one of the most vital, along with sunlight and air.

You may already have come to realize that most of the food in your environment is not only contaminated with chemicals and impurities not needed by you, but that it is only a weak approximation of the nutrition it once offered.

Yet beyond that, you are seeing that your body is increasingly able to get what it needs from meditating on Light, absorbing sunlight in reasonable amounts, and drinking in whatever fresh air and pure water are available to you.

You are also increasingly aware that the content and focus of your thoughts informs your body how to feel—how satisfied, relaxed, happy, or vibrantly alive it can be.

And that when the quality of your thoughts drops to a denser feeling state, so does the quality of your physical (and emotional) experience.

And so you come increasingly to view yourself—mind, body, and spirit—as the ongoing result of a great energy experiment. One you could never have imagined as a schoolchild in science class.

And this energy experiment is not pure happenstance, or the result of a few mismatched but well-intended thoughts and prayers, affirmations or pleas to the Universe.

It is purely and simply the result of the majority of what you are intending, expecting, and describing as your life—what you radiating—at any one time.

Over time, that which you radiate or transmit in an ongoing way becomes the template by which your daily life runs.

And we wish to say, that template has greatly changed over the past month, and is still in the process of transforming and revising itself.

So quickly and so strangely, in fact, that many a Lightworker is commenting to another, “There are almost too many energy shifts to take at once.”

That is why you sleep, why you meditate or listen to music, why you sit or walk or swim in Nature—because without those restorative moments, all of these shifts would indeed be “too much.”

Photo by Lynne Newman

They are still too much for those on the edge, whose biochemical makeup was already troubled, malnourished, or imbalanced, hormonally or otherwise, or whose life experience still mainly reverberates with the trauma suffered in childhood and other lives.

Some days you may be wondering, “Will I make it? Will I get to the other side of this story, where I’m a fifth dimensional being with a fully developed Lightbody, and no longer struggle to keep up with the tremendous shifts felt by this planet and galaxy?”

And we would say, asking that question is a beautiful start to admitting your own vulnerability, which greatly saves you the trouble of being swallowed by it.

No one need feel overcome now, if you are willing to realize the magnitude of what you are traveling through, either intuitively, or in a left-brain sense.

You support yourself beautifully through this process if you will understand that there will be days—many of them— when you must rest more, when you must be kinder to yourself than you ever imagined necessary, and allow yourself to play, to read a comforting book, to listen to music, or to be physically active instead of “getting things done.”

Days when you must extend to yourself, those around you, and even those persons in power, the kind of patience you once ascribed to the saints.

And if you understand that you can no more be impatient with your growth process (or despise it) than you would be impatient with a tiny baby forming in the womb.

All things in their own good (Divine) time.

And so, now you will say, “I thought Time was no longer relevant!”

And you would be correct in many ways. Yet you are not yet where you do not need reference to process and progression.

All does not yet occur the moment you think of it, as manifestion via projected thought.

Process—the steps through which you grow and move forward—is still a part of your path, and it is as beautiful and sacred a path as any of us here in the higher realms could imagine.

And so—can you extend Love and forgiveness to yourself now, dear ones (though there is nothing to forgive), for all the deeply felt realizations, emotions, and memories rising up within you?

Can you allow yourself a friend, journal, or counselor to speak with, when the moments become more intense than you can comfortable integrate and live with?

Are you able to treat yourself as something precious, rare (utterly unique in fact), and completely irreplaceable? A being to be cherished, not commanded or treated impatiently?

If you can produce forms of self-Love at this time that will allow you this time of transformation without judgment or despair, you will have moved to a level unprecedented in human experience, since Earth fell to the third dimension.

A conscious Ascension, and one welcomed by those in the thick of all its demands.

No small thing! Yet you are doing it, brave Light Warriors, right now.

Namaste, dear ones! We are with you, at every moment.


Copyright 2018, Caroline Oceana Ryan

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