~the Council of Light and Wisdom

The energies of the blood moon do not compare with the emotions churning within (bubbling up or spewing out) into the preoccupation of the mind. The emotional quality of this period of release has no logic, no reason beyond the desire to release the poison of self judgment born from any measure of discontent. It is time for these energies to come up to the surface of your awareness for release as you make choice to fully ascend into the higher frequencies available to you now.

So is the way of the consciousness of an embodied one. Imagine the experience without awareness!

You are awakened to your true nature then set about your life to affect change in others. The pendulum then swings back toward you. Your very outward focus is only mirroring all that you wish to fully discover about your very own self. 
It’s quite the cosmic jokester that would have you remembering then forgetting then remembering again that you have incarnated to transcend the trappings of the body-mind consciousness. 
Step into any “House of Horror” and you’ll find humor looking lurking just beneath the surface of shock and disgust. The soul’s focus is only on the transformative affect that life’s creations, as an embodied one, has on you. It matters less on how or how long it takes for the transcendence to occur. 
Only with direct knowing will your perception of trauma stop and the flow of grace begin to be recognized.

Awareness is the turning point. Pure awareness, while staying present to what is being experienced in the moment, opens you up and gives you the signal to soften the mind, to let go of any and all internal resistance. 
The moment you connect to that higher perspective that is already within you, everything unlocks or unwinds the many layered perceptions about your past. Pure awareness makes all that blocks your willingness to give up the stance of fighting the good fight softens. Know, always, that we will help you to let go. Once in free fall mode, simultaneously, the understanding floods into your awareness and love flows into all those dark or secret spaces of unworthiness. They simply melt away. The tears shed over the drama/trauma creation become crocodile tears and you begin to laugh at the absurdity of this reality.
Then you recognize that it is not necessary to hold back or to hide any longer. The danger of annihilation or ridicule has long passed you by. Your people await your self discovery and wish only to enjoy and celebrate your very presence. 
Humanity can no longer maintain a caste system. Learning pods shall continue. This is quite true. But do not confuse learning with subjugation. There are many learned ones who are here with you, embedded in those places of density where the light is absent in the minds of others. They are awakened to their mission and shall not fail to amplify the light within. 
Step back and away from anything that no longer brings you a sense of peace and joyousness. Love and honor thy self and as you do, know that all is truly well.
~the Council of Light and Wisdom
Laughing softly!
Carol Fitzpatrick
Carol Fitzpatrick 

Channel, Seer, Visionary Guide and Soul Coach 

Follow your heart,
change the world.


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