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Posted Sunday, January 14, 2018
NorthPoint Journal
Your Guide to Planetary Influences for
January 15 to 21, 2018
by Pam Younghans
THANK YOU to everyone who joined us for the teleclass last Monday! I hope you enjoyed learning how the planets will influence us over the next six months, and that you are already finding the information and guidance helpful.

If you missed the class, it’s not too late! You can still purchase the audio replay along with a pdf of the slideshow and calendars that I created for the class. Just send me an email with “Teleclass Replay” in the subject line and I’ll reply with more information (

ANOTHER SIGNIFICANT WEEK lies before us, starting on Monday with a Jupiter-Pluto sextile. As we discussed in the class, this is the first of three of these aspects between these two planets, with the other two occurring on April 14 and September 12.

As these two powerful planets work together, Jupiter amplifies Pluto’s deconstructive power and Pluto focuses Jupiter’s magnifying lens. The result is a deepening and acceleration of the process of transmutation — a process that begins with revelations of what has been hidden.

ONCE TRUTH IS REVEALED, and we accept the reality that has been stripped of its facade, we are motivated to rethink our priorities and to start to purge our systems of excesses and corruption. On a personal level, this Jupiter-Pluto aspect can be a catalyst for empowerment, inspiring us to embrace our passions and pursue a life of deeper meaning.

This first pass of the aspect may be just the first step of a process that lasts through next September — so keep a watchful eye on events that occur around now.

And, if you are so inclined, this can be an especially powerful time to work with St. Germain and the transmuting violet flame, go on a shamanic journey, or use other tools of clearing and catharsis.

ON TUESDAY, the first New Moon of 2018 will occur — and since it is situated in goal-oriented Capricorn, it provides powerful support for setting intentions and creating resolutions. The lunation occurs at 6:17 p.m. PST on Tuesday (which is 2:17 a.m. GMT on Wednesday), at 26°54′ Capricorn.

But with Uranus in Aries closely square the New Moon, our goals cannot be echoes of the past, or merely revamped versions of previously-held ambitions. Instead, Uranus challenges us to rebel against old definitions of who we are and to reimagine what we are capable of.

This imperative is increased due to Uranus’ alignment with dwarf planet Eris and asteroid Pallas Athene — both of which were named for strong, independent, creative, intelligent feminine goddesses. These influences dare us to walk the road less traveled, and to set goals that reflect our unique and very individualized perspective.

THE IMPLICATIONS of this New Moon, and the intentions we set, will reach further than we might expect. This lunation marks the beginning of a lunar cycle that crescendos with a Total Lunar Eclipse on January 31, so is energetically linked with that powerful event.

The Sabian symbol for the degree of the New Moon reveals one possible destination of that less-traveled road we might choose to walk:

“Pilgrims climbing the steep steps leading to a mountain shrine: The ascent of individualized consciousness to the highest realizations reached by the spiritual leaders of its culture.”

LINKING STRONG FEMININE LEADERS with the evolutionary destiny of humankind, the dwarf planet Ceres aligns with the North Node in Leo on Tuesday. Without disclosing any preferences, I find it quite interesting that as this alignment occurs, rumors are circulating about Oprah becoming involved in politics. My fascination with this timing is because Ms. Winfrey has Ceres conjunct the Midheaven in her birth chart, so plays the role of the archetypal protective Mother in her contribution to society.

Ceres first conjoined the North Node back on December 2, and the two will align once more, on April 30. Perhaps what we see now as mere silhouettes will become more clearly defined three months hence — whether that involves Ms. Winfrey or other strong feminine role models who might come forward.

THE REST of the week continues the high level of planetary activity, although with a slightly lower volume. Wednesday and early Thursday present some minor challenges and a need to adjust our expectations — but by late Thursday/early Friday, we feel more in sync and able to trust that all will be well.

Both Venus and the Sun enter the sign of Aquarius this week — Venus on Wednesday and the Sun on Friday. This subtle shift in the energy field promotes greater openness to new ideas and to humanitarian or social causes designed to support personal freedom.

A minor obstacle to progress may appear Friday evening, when the Aquarius Sun squares Pallas Athene in practical Taurus. This aspect indicates some difficulty in envisioning a future that is so different from the present reality as it is revealed to us by our physical senses. It will be vital to move beyond disbelief, cynicism, and other resistance from the part of us that needs to see something take form before believing it can happen.

IF YOUR BIRTHDAY IS THIS WEEK: Relationships are central to your experience in the coming year. Some alliances will need to be modified to keep pace with the deep changes that have been occurring in you, that have changed your knowing of who you are and what you need and want in your life. There may even be karmic contracts that are ready to be released or else substantially rewritten. Those relationships that can adapt and move with you are enriched by the new energy you both bring to the interaction, forging new bonds of intimacy that enliven and support you going forward.

In light,


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