Archangel Gabriel thru Shelley Young


Daily Message ~ Monday January 15, 2018

By Trinity Esoterics on Jan 15, 2018 06:19 am

Dear Ones, your individualized expression of Source energy – you, your energy, your body – is sacred space. As you continue along your healing journey, recognizing this and honouring this truth is essential.

So many of you have been hurt before, have not been respected, have been neglected, abandoned, abused, or treated dismissively. Those parts of yourself are yearning to be held, nurtured, and loved, in a space of safety, so they can heal and thrive. You get to be the loving caretaker of your own energetics.

From that space of wisdom, you can see that there may be people in your life that, for whatever reason, cannot treat you with the respect and honour you deserve. Allowing them full access to you, without appropriate boundaries, is a great disservice, both to the part of you that deserves to be kept safe as well as to them, for it is not in their best interests to be allowed to continue to behave in ways that are not an expression of their highest self, either.

This is not about separation and punishment, but rather a reshuffling, if you will, always supporting the level of access granted that will always be for everyone’s highest good. This is clearly defining what you deserve in terms of treatment, and also, as you keep yourself in a balanced, healthy space, what others can expect from you, which is connection that is loving, supportive, respectful, and encouraging the best for all.

It holds acceptance and forgiveness for wherever people are on their paths with energy that matches what is fair and appropriate with a focus on self responsibility. Because love for everyone involved is at the core of your decisions, it holds the space of greatest potential for all. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young


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