Earth-Keeper 2018 : New Metatron via Tyberonn Channel & Guided Med



Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn 2018

Recorded Live @Arklantis

Earth-Keeper 2018

We are currently finalizing our yearly program for 2018. We are planning a major conference, and an International Sacred Site Pilgrimage this year. We hope to have dates confirmed and registration open very soon….within 2 weeks.

The probable timing for the conference is 2018 Autumn.

The Pilgrimage will be in late summer or early September. Pilgrimage location will be determined this month, and will likely be either Scotland or Italy. Stay Tuned !

Unity peace

ARKLANTIS Speaker Videos :

Those of you who wish to have a video recording of any Arklantis Speaker, may for a limited time purchase a DVD from Radiant Media, Charles Wren. The DVD’s are professionally edited by videographer, Charles Wren. The ability to purchase expires on Febrary 7th. The Metatron via Tyberonn channel is not available for purchase. All videos are copyright protected and are for personal viewing only. Except for the speakers themselves, the videos may not be uploaded on the internet. Videos may not be duplicated or sold.

The DVD’s are very economically priced. For a list of available DVD’s & price point for individual DVD’s or Bundled discounted pricing, contact Radiant Media c/o Charles Wren . Email – or
Phone – (480) 949-0009

All revenues on the DVD sales are 100% to Radiant Media, to assist in cost recovery of the videography of the event. Every speaker is included. Earth-Keeper do not receive any commission or monies. DVD Sales are permitted only thru Feb 7th.


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