Relationships in Spotlight -What to Consider Now- by Selacia

Relationships in Spotlight              
-What to Consider Now-
by Selacia

Now that we have stepped fully into 2018, it’s timely to evaluate relationships and their key role in what happens next. The relationship piece of planetary awakening has always been the most essential one, but this year it becomes even more vital. This is on both a collective societal level and a very personal level. Continue reading for highlights of why this is important and what’s helpful for you to consider now as you navigate your own relationships.  
As I wrote about recently, we as a collective are still processing the chaotic and crazy times of 2017. Some lighter energies as 2018 begins can help with the healing, potentially catalyzing an increasing awareness of the big picture.  
Indeed much of the drama that unfolded on the world stage last year can be traced to relationships and distrust of the “other.”  It is people, not countries, that create division and start wars. I referenced these things in my “2017 Predictions,” an annual guide for understanding and navigating each year as we move through it.   
Your Relationships in 2018
On a more personal level, of course, you know how important relationships are to your well-being, happiness, and spiritual progression. That’s a given in any year. This year, however, the state of your key relationships is vital to moving forward and creating the life you want.  
You with you: The most important relationship to have in balance is the one you have with yourself. The state of your other relationships will mirror your own levels of self-love, self-acceptance, and self-awareness.  
You with others: All of your relationships have something to teach you. Be open to learning this year. Be willing to listen deeply to what your loved ones are saying, and also notice what they withhold. Being open to this deeper level of communication will help you to discover where adjustments can be made. It will help you to create more authentic relationships that are both nurturing and supportive of soul growth.  
You as divine changemaker: In your role as a divine changemaker, you are at the helm of the pivotal changes occurring on Earth now. You are alive now to set the example of what it means to be loving and kind. You are here to help others step into their own light and empowerment. Therefore, how you relate to others sets an example and catalyzes beneficial changes. Some of the changes you spark in others can be so profound that their life destiny is upgraded to a brand-new level. Whenever this happens, you grow spiritually and you create beneficial seeds for your future.  
You and new people: Keep in mind as you meet new people this year that you are purposefully on a fast-track with your growth. You will experience many big changes in these pivotal years. Sometimes so much happens on an inner level that it’s like you are not the same person you were last year or five years ago. It could even feel like a brand-new incarnation, but in the same body. I mention this here for context, and as a reminder for those times when you are with someone new and find yourself hesitating to describe things like your interests or your purpose.   
You and familiar people: Given the energies of 2018, don’t be surprised if you connect with more people from your past. When I say “past,” I’m not necessarily referring to years ago; it could be lifetimes ago. In either case, you could feel a certain comfort or familiarity when you connect. Current life example could be an old friend you thought you had outgrown, and then he or she shows up and describes being interested in similar things you now enjoy. Past life example could be a new person who seems familiar only because of a past life, when you had a bond of love.
Love Bonds Across Time
You’ve heard the expression that love does not die. Indeed, there is something to that, especially when you consider the journey of your soul and some of your key love interests. There’s a false notion that love is random. In fact, romantic love is anything but random. There are two souls involved, and oftentimes past love bonds magnetize the people together again this life.      
In my DNA healing work, I’ve seen this dynamic repeatedly. Sometimes the people will tell me that  they “knew” on first meeting they had been together before. Other times, they don’t suspect this is the case – or perhaps simply haven’t explored it – then as we work together on relationship issues the past life bonds surface. Connecting these dots is not mere entertainment, by the way; it provides essential insights for improving the relationship and sustaining a strong love bond.   
How You Show Up is Key 
How you show up in relationships – with self and others – will be vital to your success this year.  
Harmony you create with self and others becomes an elixir in your energy field, assisting you with self-growth and with holding the higher vibration needed to manifest successful outcomes in the world.  
Disharmony you create with self and others can drain your life force, distract you from what’s important, and become a toxic energy that spills over into other relationships and activities.  
Knowing this, strive to be mindful of the relationship dance you do with self and others. When you are present to conversations and energies – remembering that they matter in the big picture – it becomes easier to say and do the highest things.  

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