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My dearest Light Tribe,

Yes, that really is a photo of me marrying my beloved Frenchman Gino in our garden at Casa Solara! What was called for by my guides was a ‘Ceremony of Commitment’ ~ united with our desire to officially announce to the world that our intentions are of a ‘together forever’ nature. We felt no need to do the legal thing – the ceremony itself included only the 2 of us, and unfolded spontaneously in the moment. And as always, my guides had a few tricks up their sleeves.

I had explained to Gino what a ceremony of commitment was, in my own words – but on the morning of the big day I asked my guides if there was anything in particular that we needed to know – and this is what they relayed: ‘The ceremony confirms that: –

·       You commit to showing an example to your tribe of a partnership based on love, kindness and cooperation.

·       You commit to continuing to be of service to your tribe, combining your skills, your life goals, your life choices andthis new venture.

·       Your relationship is based on transparency and integrity – the NEW EARTH style of relationship that heals the old dysfunctional, limiting, frustrating model of partnership that has been the Piscean precept.

Hang on a minute – I thought my future held a little cottage in a tropical setting, chilling with my only my beloved, in a period where I wrote more books and tended my beautiful garden??It turned out that the commitments we were making were not only to each other, but to the seeding of the NEW EARTH. Doh! Everything fell into place as I meditated on the guidance. This new adventure of partnership is integral to the role of service that I chose so many years ago in my years of awakening. How could it be otherwise?

And what a perfect soul I have attracted to fulfil this part of my contract – a soul so sweet, so heart-centred, so loving and kind to all he encounters – that he makes the fulfilment of these new commitments easier than I could ever have imagined. LOVE AND THANK YOU THANK YOU UNIVERSE!

The ‘new venture’ mentioned in the message above is more than our partnership – we have been guided to look for a house with land to buy in Portugal! I will not be deserting Casa Solara Ibiza – but the time has come to buy some land where our friend Siriya will plant a food forest and where we will make a community centre which will remain for the generations to come. Ibiza is too expensive to make this possible (my casa here is rented long-term but not owned) – and the authorities here are not amenable to any community or eco-orientated projects. Portugal here we come! If any of you have connections in Portugal and can assist in any way with our vision, including financially, we would be thrilled to hear from you!

I am also finally entering my ‘Frequency Keeper’ role ~ a time of working on further raising and maintaining my frequency so as to seed my original blue-print light in the world every day. I feel a sadness at letting go of the ‘Magic Weaver’ title, but as my guides say, I am not losing these skills, I am simply shifting focus so as to be of maximum service to myself and others.

I am gifting you with a beautiful new meditation for 2018, mentioned in the message from my guides below:

Happy 2018 beloved friends! I hope to meet some more of you on the workshops and retreats I’m offering this year – including my first retreat in Normandy France from July 27 – 30! All details are here:


Star Councils of Light: 2018 Sound Healing/Activation


Suggested music for the sound exercises given:  try any of the music on my Spotify – or search for the following on YouTube or ITunes.

Heart of Gaia: by Ashana 

Healing Sounds: Jonathon Goldman


Uno: by Deuter


We, the Star Councils of Light, are de-lighted to enter into this portal with you, dear Earth people – the portal of 2018, in your time line. We bring you news that will excite you beyond measure – those of you who are ready for change! For those of you who are fearful of change – who are reluctant to let go of the safety of the shore and glide with the current of life’s stream into the new reality – you may experience cynical or doubting thoughts and emotions as you hear our words. But you will feel an underlying excitement, nevertheless, at the future possibilities we describe. And if you allow yourselves to move with that excitement, you will quickly dissolve the resistance that holds you back.


Our news is this – that your abilities to perceive that which has previously been invisible or inaudible are in 2018 catapulted into manifestation. In other words, the time is now for these extra-sensory perception skills to manifest in your reality. It will be as if the abilities you have in your dream state – to experience other-worldly realities – are  crossing over into your consciously perceived AWAKE reality. You have experienced the ability to FLY in your dreams; to teleport; to travel through space without vehicles, have you not? You have entered worlds of light and colour that are not of your 3-D realm, have you not?


And we say to you that you are able to both do and perceive many of these things in your awake state – as your greater Light Body is activated, and as you master the ability to hold a certain Light frequency at will. These are the steps that you naturally gravitate towards in this time period, as they are a part of your evolutionary process. And you are assisted by clearing and opening your chakras, as we have guided you in our recent ‘Daily Quantum Shift Chakra Meditation’:


There is a particular extra-sensory skill that we wish to speak of now, and which we will assist you in mastering in this message. It is the ability to use sound as a healing, transformational and activational tool.




Step 1: We ask you to tune into this ability now by listening to a piece of music, and noticing the effect that it has on you. Is your auric field expanding or contracting while you listen? Do you feel yourself grounding or centering – or are you being lifted into a higher vibration – or both? Do you feel your emotions raising towards happiness or descending into fear? This is your first task in this lesson: to learn how to tune in when listening to a piece of music, and to observe carefully how your emotions and energy are being affected by the sound. It is a meditation on sound, as such – and for some of you this is enough, to simply learn how to change your mood, or open your chakras and energy field, or heal parts of your body, through listening to music and receiving it in a new, more conscious way. This will lead you to listen to music more often, to choose the music you play more carefully, to spontaneously dance more, and to become conscious of the effect different pieces have on your mind, body and emotions.


Step 2: When you have found one or more pieces of music that you like and find uplifting, close your eyes and see if you can perceive any colour or shapes being created by the sounds. It is possible to open your inner vision through your intention, and actually see wave lengths, vibration, sacred geometry or colour that is being generated by or which a part of the music. This is a natural skill of yours, you have simply not been encouraged to do it. Try this exercise when in a group, or with your children, and see what comes up – you will be encouraged in your efforts as several of you experience similar shapes and colours being created by the music. In this process you will be remembering your ancient Atlantean skills with sound – learning how to see and feel sound, rather than only hear it.


Step 3: Now you are ready to use sound as a healing or activating force. You can train yourself to do this if you are willing to put in some practise, and if you allow yourself to feel a sense of excitement when reading our words. Trust that you have this ability, and you are already more than half-way to its manifestation!

Begin by experimenting with making your own sounds – both through toning with your own voice, and through playing instruments and singing bowls. It matters not if this is the first time you have ever tried this. Let go of your self-consciousness, and move into the sounds. This exercise requires open-ness, a sense of freedom and experimentation. You can begin with the intention of using sounds to open, balance, or reconnect specific chakras – or to bring light/colour/energy into parts of your body that are out of alignment. Do not expect to get the right sound immediately – just relax your mouth, let it change shape as the sounds come out, and experiment. Continue to open your inner vision to see the vibrations, waves, shapes and colours that are created by or present within the sounds.


Perhaps the most awesome context in which you can use these sound skills are in healing any aspect of your 3-D world – and in particular, the aspects of your natural world which have been polluted, resulting in the suffering of physical beings – plant, mineral, animal and human beings included. You can, individually or in groups, focus on dissolving pollution or contamination in specific areas. Even the pollution of the collective unconscious, which holds thought forms and beliefs harmful to our society can be transmuted into the light through sound.


If you are inspired to work with sound in this way, you will be guided as to when and how to chant/sing/tone out to that part of the world, holding a clear vision of the pollution being dissolved through the sound that is being used. Even a few minutes of sounding, coupled with a crystal clear intention, can effect a change for the good! What is essential is that the sound is produced with an open and happy heart, and with an absolute trust that the healing is possible – with the attitude that the desired result is, in fact, already in progress. It is this passion; this trust; this optimism which allows the magic to unfold.


This is of course true in the process of manifesting every aspect of your lives. It is your attitude which is all-important, and the degree to which you decide to trust the unfolding process. When you resist change and focus on what you do not desire, so you unfailingly create more of the same. Same-old; same-old. When you embrace the future with optimism, action, open-heart and the desire to be of service, your progress is unfailing, and the magic unfolds! This is what we wish for each one of you dear souls in this unfolding year – that magic becomes the fabric of your reality.

And so it is. Namaste.


With love love love,

Solara An-Ra

Frequency Keeper for Gaia







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