Mike Quinsey Message, January 05, 2018


Mike Quinsey Message, January 05, 2018                                                   Click Here for Printable

5th January 2018. Mike Quinsey.

Another year has passed quicker than ever, full of events that have given you a tremendous lift for what is coming. As the years have flown by since the present Age commenced in 2012 so things are starting to take shape that will signal the reality of the New Age. So to say, the dust has settled and now you should be able to see the beginning of changes that are going to carry you forward. As you must already be aware, much is being held back until the right time to be released, and that really means the safe time. After all of the planning and preparations that have been made they will not be spoilt by rushing them into being. Indeed, there are a number of issues involved and as long as everything is done at the appropriate time, you will enjoy a period of great upliftment. The last thing that is needed is the interference from those who would rather maintain the old energies. Their efforts to do so no longer carry any real power and they are destined to failure. They are the architects of their own demise and will be left to experience the result of their chosen activities.

Dear Ones never lose sight of the fact that you are well past the marker of 2012 and ever since that time, many Lightworkers have been able to progress and prepare for the times to come. Much has already been prepared so that when circumstances permit, you will be able to enjoy the prospect of many advancements that can commence in comparative safety. Then you shall see what you have been waiting for and Humanity will be overjoyed at the results. By focussing on the future you will be helping to speed up it’s manifestation, because you do have a hand in determining how things work out. Naturally there are always greater powers that control events and protect Humanity so that their decisions are honoured. After all, it is you who have helped pave the way forward and passed the marker that allowed Humanity to continue progressing in the higher vibrations.

The surprise for you was having left the old vibrations behind, you also gained a new start with as you would say “a clean sheet” with none of the old energies remaining. The most exciting prospect is the eventual appearance of a number of Extraterrestrials who are strongly associated with the Human Race. They have followed your progress for thousands of years and helped you along, without infringing your freewill. You may be new souls in terms of time as you know it, but in reality you are very old souls that have been around for eons of time. As Human Beings you are adding to your existing experience, so that eventually you can become mentors to others who can benefit from it. It is normal for those who have become well advanced to help others who follow on, and can benefit from their experience. Can you see how eventually groups grow bigger and bigger, as more evolved souls join them.

In reality you are helped to evolve at every step you take that carries you onwards and upwards. Bear in mind that at a certain point in your evolution, you will all become Beings of Light, and dispense with whatever physical form you had previously. However, where needs arise you can “think” yourself into whatever form of body you need. Even now you are beginning to develop the power of creation, and it means that as the vibrations continue to lift up, Humanity will have a greater say in how it evolves. It is why we have already given you a cautionary note to be positive about what you wish for, as you can never be sure how it will turn out in the future. Obviously when you evolve to the point where your thoughts are centred upon the needs of others, you will have realised that many evolved souls can also foresee your needs, and if necessary meet them providing they are essential for your continued evolution.

It has been a very long time since you reached this point in your evolution. Take it with both hands and more than ever before, focus on what you want out of life as you now have every chance of being successful. Bear in mind that much of what we talk about is your potential as your time line is opening up before you, and exactly what path it takes is down to your collective focus. Some may wonder how the dark Ones are kept at bay, and we have to say whilst they are still a threat but their power is being curtailed. They will continue to be denied the resources they have previously plundered from others, and funding their operations will be found to be their Achilles heel. There is no way that they will be able to indefinitely fund their activities, as many of those channels are being closed.

Humanity is being given a massive opportunity to pave the way to Ascension, so that all souls that are ready to ascend can claim success. Naturally we talk of events that are to come, and in some cases quite a few years away. In some instances the timing is out of your hands as the bigger picture entails much organisation that reaches out to your friends in Space, who are pleased to help you succeed. Many of you have already gone through Ascension in former lives, but have come back to offer your experience where needed. Be assured that your Galactic friends are only too pleased to help you on your path to becoming Galactic Beings.

It is time for Humanity to come of age, and so much help is waiting to step out of the shadows. Your success in overcoming the lower vibrations was as you might say “touch and go” and those of you who are already of the Light played a considerable part in helping lift up the vibrations. Having reached this stage, there is absolutely no reason why you should not go from strength to strength, and no way that you should have to experience the lower vibrations again. The immediate plan covers reduction in hostilities between nations, and many of your Indigo children are now young adults fully equipped to handle the problems being experienced on Earth. They are old souls with so much experience, and will see solutions to problems that presently seem unsurmountable. Your future will be safe in their hands, and they will come to the fore at the right time.

With each New Year much is promised, and slowly but surely people will step forward when they see they have the answers to age old problems that are holding up progress. You will not have long to wait to identify the “new ones” who came to Earth in great numbers specifically to help Humanity. With help from such evolved Beings coming to Earth in greater numbers, the future looks very bright. So take note of their opinions, because the young ones are old souls who have come specifically to help Humanity through the challenges that are yet to come. You cannot fail unless many of you go “Off the Rails” and with so much help that is not a prospect that will even be considered.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.


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