To The Surface – Creator via Jennifer Farley


To The Surface…

As the shift continues, many things will come to the surface that you thought you already handled.  Sadness, rage, resentments, feeling like a victim, fear or apathy…it will be ‘in your face’, demanding your attention.  The Universe wants you to know; this is not to open old wounds or to take you back to the place you were when you first experienced these feelings.  It is giving you an opportunity to take a closer look, to see what else needs to be taken care of and released.

The ‘fun’ all begins with a choice; to let go or hold on.  The free will you were gifted will be of utmost importance in the months ahead.  These wonderful, life-altering moments are one of the reasons you chose to be here….now!  As you work through them, please remember you are protected and loved beyond measure. ~ Creator


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