Roy Potter 12-20-17… “Did Trump Signal Defeat of Soros? Purple Ties and Two Hands To Swallow Water”‘


Roy Potter 12-20-17… “Did Trump Signal Defeat of Soros? Purple Ties and Two Hands To Swallow Water”‘

by Kauilapele

[Kp note: I posted this with the incorrect Roy Potter video link, so I’m posting it again.]

This one had some points that really “stood out” for myself, at least.

The primary one I got was that during his speeches, announcements, etc., Trump is using hand signals, and, in one case, wearing purple. to send messages to the Illuminati/Luciferians (recall the Fiji Water DJT held in two hands during his Asia speech) (and go to about 7:40 to hear about this). The two-handed water drinking was a message that conveyed a Hebrew symbolism where “swallowing” means, “to destroy”.

Now DJT did this again in a 12-18-17 video. Here is a link to the video I presume Roy is referring to, where the two-handed drinking occurs at about 15 seconds after the 11:06mark. First, listen to the statement he gives just prior to drinking water (at 11:06). He says, “On January 20, 2017, I stood on the steps of the Capitol, to herald the day the people became the rulers of their nation, again.” He then drinks the water, using two hands. I would say that this is indeed a very strong message to the Illuminati/Luciferians, that “We’ve taken our country back”.

The Q points I recall from this (first 1/3 of video): Q has been given a unique “trip code” that only he/she can use on 8chan forum, to get around “Q impostors”. 12/19 message: “operators are active”. 12/20 message: “the op was successful” (recall ATL airport blackout).

The purple tie is mentioned later in the Roy video, where he mentions that this may very well be a signal to Soros/ Clintons/ Obama that “We have taken your flag” (you know, the “Purple Revolution” created by Soros, et al.).

Roy Potter: YouTube; Twitter

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