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 In this now one might consider that while vastly important and huge in their effects, what occurs no outweighs all of them put together. Why? As the energies bounce around they excite all the rest of creation, or at least the greater part of it. As they do, they trigger the awakening of multidimensional events one that moves like a hot wind carrying energies so fast the speed is immeasurable. Interdimensional harmonics are blended and frequencies change. As this occurs, the excitements continue. Dimension after dimension is reharmonized and in that things move. On the 17th of this December at 5:46 eastern time in your Earth time, three stargates will open simultaneously, triangulating together and causing an immense corridor to open. It is within this corridor that the hot winds will flow. The corridor will splinter off more smaller versions of the same for nearly three weeks.         
This is the Pernacian corridor that rarely ever opens. It will shake things up universally and has the potential to create events from within your planet. Strong earthquakes, strange weather, tidal anomalies, volcanic activity and even a very slight possibility of an unexpected metor shower but it will not be of any consequence. It is the risk of the earth moving that is the greatest possibility and the possibility remains that they have the potential to be very large in their power.         
2-3 days after the triangulation passes there is a possibility of a rebound effect as things begin to settle down they may actually become magnified. Quakes may occur after the actual triangulation.         
Something she said last Dec…  >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
As the frequencies of light become brighter upon the earth, on March 27, 2018 at 5:56 p.m. central time, there will be a monumental event. This event marks the coming of the 11:11 harmonics that so many of you have been seeing on your clocks, computers, and in other varying signs all around for several years. The 11:11 has been a symbol of warning for you for years. The 11:11 shows the perfect balance of the above and the below, the inside and the exterior, the past and the present, and more. As above, so below: in the heavens and on the earth, an event of great significance will occur.
In that moment, all of the pyramid sites on the planet will slide into a harmonic alignment, which will create a unified resonance among all pyramids. This resonance will send a message of galactic proportions out through our solar system, across our galaxy and even into parallel realities.
From great distances, it will appear as if a star has been born, and that star is planet earth. This harmonic resonance among the pyramids will act as a portal for incoming energies, which will crack the nut of your mentality and create a further opening to awakening far beyond the energies that began in 2012. This alignment will also act as a beacon for those of other-than-terrestrial residence to come to earth once again. The harmonic alignment and resonance of the pyramids will take place in three stages over about nine months. At the pinnacle of the harmonic alignment, as the energies of the pyramid harmonization
align universally, there will be a spontaneous alignment and opening of yet another series of star gates. This star-gate system is from the before times, before we have a record of history. It lies like a blanket across universes, reaching far into creation and opening doors of awareness and travel that were used by three of the root races who contributed to
the evolution of humanity as they visited your planet.
The most amazing thing about this particular star-gate system is that it is shaped like the Tree of Life, which is also known as the Cabala. The Tree of Life, or Cabala, is hidden in the geometry of the Flower of Life. It is a set of frequencies that are very close to the harmonics of your source and relate intricately with every aspect of who and what you are. The Cabala is one of the great ancient mysteries that people study diligently in order to find the deeper meaning of life. It is multidimensional in nature, its meanings are holographic, and multileveled. The more one understands about the Cabalas’ meanings, the more questions there are to be asked. It is this Sacred Tree that the Mayan calendar referred to.
There is no escaping the ancient references to these times. You are intricately laced—past, present, and future—into the fabric of reality. The time for the unfolding of your being is now.


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