Conversations With SaLuSa 20151026 Mike Quinsey Retires



by Steve Beckow

Mike has carried on through computer breakdowns, health crises, and cabal attempts to close him. No one deserves more than him to retire and pursue other paths and en-joy-ments.

At the same time SaLuSa feels like a member of the family and will be sorely missed. He was among the earliest and most trusted channeled sources on current affairs I ever listened to, along with Matthew Ward.

Hi Friends,

I have decided that I am not going to continue channelling, as just of late I have not been happy or satisfied with my messages. I can only match them against how things were before I had my stroke, and they are not working as smoothly as I would like. When I started up again I was pleased with the way I got back into it, but it has dropped off lately.

I must thank you for your great support over the years, and without you and many others the messages would not have reached so many people and gone so far and wide. I have enjoyed being part of it and had some wonderful times, not least of all my visit to Sedona, where I met so many great people including some of you. Thank you to a wonderful group of people.

Mike Quinsey

Mike channeling SaLuSa live, a first, at the 2012 Scenario Sedona Conference

People have been so generous when I have had computer problems, and what wonderful people I have worked with. I realise that Spirit set it all up but even so I marvel at how all you people came together. I believe that there were 28 countries receiving SaLuSa’s messages, and I find that incredible and amazing.

For anyone who may be looking for a similar source of messages, there is to my knowledge only the one website, and that is Sheldan Nidle’s which is strongly recommended, it is very professionally set up and a mine of information. Go to:

I hope in my “retirement” to still ind useful things to do, and no doubt something will come along so that I might be able to keep in touch with some of you. As they say, all good things have to come to an end, but I would like to think that many people have benefitted from what they have learnt.

In Love and Light. Mike Quinsey






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