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We create our realities from the inside-out. This means your predominant thoughts, feelings and beliefs (often referred to as “vibrations”) create your experiences in the outside world.Because of this, your beliefs about money create your reality with money. And most of those beliefs were formed in your past.

It’s crucial for you to understand your past precisely so that you can move beyond the limiting beliefs that are blocking you from wealth. From there, you create the possibility to form new beliefs that will free you from these blockages, and attract abundance into your life.

To give you a full picture of what’s going on, I’ll start at the beginning. When you were born, you were basically a blank slate. Think about it: newborn babies don’t have beliefs systems — they don’t think twice about skin color, religion, politics or money.

Yet you were born into a family that did have beliefs systems. Then you probably went to school, made friends, and generally surrounded yourself with people who expressed their ideas throughout your development. During these crucial years, you formed your own belief system: anyone who’s been alive for a significant amount of time has developed their own thoughts and feelings about how the world works.

Since money is such a significant part of life, your family probably had their own ingrained beliefs about money that you were exposed to early on. And it’s likely that their beliefs didn’t make you feel particularly empowered about money.

In general, money is a subject that most people feel a ton of fear about. Many of us constantly feel like we’re living in a state of lack, scarcity, powerlessness and anxiety when it comes to money. Maybe it’s because we grew up in a household infused with fear about money. But whatever the details of your family’s belief system were, it is pretty common to become infused with fear about money early on in life.

Now, before I go further, I want you to know that this isn’t actually a problem. Since you are here to evolve on your own path — to grow beyond the limiting beliefs of your past — you can reprogram your thoughts. And this process is easier than you think: it’s all about becoming conscious of your old thoughts, and intentionally creating a new belief system.

Below are four steps that will guide you to move beyond your past conditioning with money, so you can create a new, abundant belief system and reality.

Step 1: Examine the core fears your family had about money.

Here are some preliminary questions to ask yourself:

  • What did you witness in your household in regard to money?

  • What things did your parents say about money and wealth?

  • How did your parents feel about money?

By answering the three questions above, you’ll uncover some of the limiting beliefs and other “vibes” your family held about money. This simple exercise will expose your own baseline vibration when it comes to money, which is the key to moving into a new reality.

Step 2: Reflect on how you think, feel and act in a similar way as your family.

Now that you’ve discovered some of the fearful (or otherwise negative) beliefs you were exposed to, it’s time for you to examine how you’re currently living as if these beliefs are true.

For example, did you often hear your parents say things like, “Honey, we can’t afford that?” If so, do you find yourself saying similar things today? Was your family resentful of wealthy people, convincing you that money was bad? If so, think about how that attitude has made you feel about wealth and money today. Or perhaps your parents fought about money, instilling a fear that money causes problems in relationships. Is this dynamic something you fear today?

By uncovering how you’re playing out old beliefs in your life today, you will bring awareness to your current thoughts and feelings about money. Deepening and specifying this awareness is the next step to you changing your reality.

Step 3: Ask yourself if it’s possible that another reality exists.

This step is about actively choosing to believe in a new reality. The truth is, infinite possibilities exist. You don’t have to relate to money the same way your parents did. You can choose differently.

Now that you’re conscious of your conditioning, you’ll recognize these fears when they arise. This can feel uncomfortable at first, but trust me … it’s a good thing. Because when you catch yourself playing out old patterns, you can make a choice to act and think differently. You do this by asking yourself, “Is it possible that other options exist?”

For example, try asking yourself these more pointed questions:

  • Is it possible for me not to feel scarcity in this situation?

  • Is it possible for me to trust that I have enough money and believe I don’t need to feel anxious right now?

  • Is it possible that is this is limiting belief?

By tapping into the reality that other possibilities exist, your fears no longer have a hold over you. You — the witness — begin making choices. At this point, your fears start to loosen their grip.

Step 4: Reinforce your new belief system.

Once you get into the habit of opening up to new ways of thinking and feeling about money, your internal wealth vibration will start to shift. When that happens, your reality with money will shift automatically.

The more you practice a vibrant, wealthy, empowered vibration about money, the more this will become your reality. Voilà! Personal evolution at it’s finest.

You do not have to be defined by the beliefs you developed long ago; they are simply challenges for you to evolve beyond. By choosing to create a new beliefs about money, you’ll create a whole new reality with money. And that’s what you’re here to do.

“Why Your Past Is The Key To Manifesting Money”, by Shelly Bullard, April 15, 2015 at

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