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 I’m sure most of us are affected in some way by the events that transpired in Sandy Hook a couple years ago. It was heart-wrenching. Whether you believe it happened or not, it affected gun laws and our view of the safety of our children when we send them off to school. It successfully created a level of fear and paranoia among parents and school faculties around the nation.

For Linda McLean, it set off a chain of events that has traumatized her for life. Linda was a teacher for about 30 years at Pine Eagle Charter School in Halfway, Oregon. That all changed the day a gunmen burst into her class room, pointed a gun to her head and said, “You’re Dead”. The gunmen was the head of school safety. The gun wasn’t loaded. This was only a drill. However, it was a drill no one was told about until the briefing that followed this live action training.

Linda was not the only teacher negatively affected. Other teachers were injured and another one wet their pants. Linda is now suing  Oregon School District for the PTSD it has riddled her with ever since. She is suing for lost wages and damages. She can no longer enter that school anymore without being triggered by her PTSD. With good reason. She thought she was going to die.

Teacher Sues Oregon School District for Traumatic Active-Shooter Drill By Elishia Fieldstadt, NBC News 

That is needless trauma for anyone to endure. A drill like that might have a place in our school systems if the community feels it would be beneficial to the students and teachers, but not telling anyone that a drill like this is coming? Asinine. What if one of these teachers had a medical heart condition and the fear it induced triggered a heart attack? They certainly weren’t thinking clearly or properly when they planned this training for their staff.

To me, this seems like the war drills of my parent’s youth. Run under a desk and cover your head, that will protect you from an atomic bomb! Sure. The funny thing about that is, the only institutions to offer these drills were schools. Do you want to know why? To induce fear into the children and the parents. To this day, we all know if an atomic bomb were to hit anywhere, going under a desk and covering your head won’t even buy you a minute longer on this Earth.

These drills, in my opinion, aren’t meant or designed to really train a person in the event this stuff were to happen. It’s a calculated step to induce fear and control on a community or population. Fear controls most people to a point they let those fears dictate how they live their lives.

There is a really great article on Golden Age of Gaia that shows us that we do not need to live in fear of false flag operations or scare tactics that involve the compromise of our personal sovereignty. It’s on the home page on the left side of the screen. Or, you can click here: Ready Reference Guide: There’s No Need to Fear.

More Protests…

Protests heat up in Baltimore after suspect’s death By Kevin Johnson, Melanie Eversley and John Bacon, USA TODAY

The criminalization of a minority race running in the presence of police has birthed a new wave of protests in Baltimore this week.  Across the nation we are seeing a great deal of public protests in regard to how law enforcement is abusing their power or being “above the law” that they enforce. Maybe they have gotten away with this behavior in the past, but now in these times of great awakening, the truth cannot be veiled any longer.

And, of course, there’s social media and camera phones. The greatest protection American citizens have fits right in our pockets. We are watched in more ways than we know. Cameras on the street, phone calls recorded, emails read…sure, there is not much privacy these days in regard to our lives. Then many of us willfully share every last intimate detail on facebook or other social media outlets. That’s beside the point though. The point I am making however is simple. They watch us, we can watch them. We can post their wrongdoings, we can be the pinnacle of peaceful change. The name of the game right now is responsible accountability. If officials in public service professions are going to act like criminals, they need to be prosecuted the same as if they were not in their current profession.

If they are going to commit a crime and try and justify their crime with fabricated evidence, we need to push for justice. Law enforcement need to disclose why they chose to use deadly force. When that is unfounded, they need to be prosecuted. It should be simple. However, corruption is rampant, so that brings forth a wave of protests. One or two people can point out that things are wrong and it might get a little bit of attention. That little bit of attention might not impact the situation where real change can occur. When we peacefully organize in unity to draw more attention to injustices, these can no longer be ignored. Someone will have to do something.

That’s why I really enjoy websites like change.org. People like you and me who are peacefully trying to change the injustices we face as a nation. Our country was built on true democracy, as a Republic…this is something none of us have seen since the times prior to the civil war. We have not lived constitutional law since then.

The good news is, things are definitely crumbling and things can no longer move forward in the way it has in the past. There is no way it can anymore. We are going to be seeing more and more protests not just nationally, but internationally by the end of this year. Voices are starting to make a difference again and things are going to start changing for the better. The more change a group can create for the higher good of humanity, the more it paves the way for other groups to do the same thing.

I send nothing but Light and Love to all who are on that journey. It’s not always easy. It’s not always fun. The headway they make creates a ripple that will effect change globally. The people have had enough and they are ready to be heard. We the people, require the protection of our life liberty and pursuit of happiness.

 On a Lighter Note:

This story seems to have been published back in April of 2012, but it is just now making the news rounds again. I came across an article relating to this a couple days ago and we’ve received some news tips from some wonderful GoldenAgeofGaia readers. More than one for this story in particular, so let’s revisit this incredible story.

In a border town in Nigeria, hundreds bared witness to a floating city complete with roads, vehicles, and machinery noises that seemed to float to Earth in a hazy mist cloud. Tall buildings were also seen within this low floating cloud city.

A local tea brewer reports the city was so close to the Earth that it was about tree level. He also explains this city as heaven coming close to Earth. An interesting aspect of all this is that it was not just one person who witnessed this, there were Hundreds.

If I were a crystalline City of Light, I would choose an area like this to expose myself momentarily. There would not be much technology for invasive intruders (i.e. fighter jets entering into my space) and it would give me a gauge of the consciousness elevation of the people and if I’d be seen as beautiful or as a threat.

It is my feeling we will be seeing more cities of Light reveal themselves in more indigenous communities. It’s only a matter of time before the other ones show themselves to more than just a select few. I would have loved to witness this, caught a photo, or a video, but there is a reason these things do not exist. It more than likely is something that needs to be experienced, not just secondarily seen. I’m sure it was beautiful though.

Hundreds of African Villagers Claim To See Floating City Posted By Royce Christyn, YourNewsWire.com

We are far greater beings than we have been told, far greater than most of us realize.

In Light and Love,







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