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Christmas 25.14

Posted by Steve Beckow


Merry Christmas, everyone! And what presents has the Mother brought us this year?

I can only speak for myself.  As a result of the gifts she’s brought me, I’m not the man I was at this time last year.

In Grass Valley, CA, on the first leg of our West Coast Express, I passed through the last core issue that was still underpinning my anger – the remembrance of seeing the picture of my Mother’s body after she died in the housefire.

The moment I saw that picture I decided that I’d never let anyone into my heart again and the rest was, not history, but tragedy.

It’s her gift of the Tsunami of Love that’s forcing these memories up for completion. To speak more generally, all of us have been cleansing, cleansing, cleansing all year long and I hope you’re seeing the same fruitful results I am.

This cleansing was referred to in the Bible, I think, as the virgins filling their lamps with oil before entering the bridal chamber. Our lamps are full of the oil of spiritual purity. No, I don’t mean we don’t have a beer occasionally or drive slightly over the speed limit on the open highway (well, you know what I mean). It isn’t what goes into the mouth, Jesus said.

I mean that we know where we’re headed and we’ve accepted the challenge. I mean that we honor and respect the Divine Mother and recognize that there’s a Plan that all of us are part of.

I mean that we know the purpose of life – to know our true identity as God – and all our activities reflect that knowledge in some way.

I mean that we’ve agreed to play a role in upcoming events – a role that we chose and rechoose now – or modify. But we play a role rather than being merely witnesses or opposing them. We’ve chosen to be active participants in them.

Those are the presents that we’ve laid at the feet of the Divine Mother, She whom Jesus called “the Holy Spirit.”

And what gifts She has given us? Her clarity, purity, grace, and love. What She still holds in Her hands are freedom, ease, and ecstacy, more gifts from Her when we’re ready.

It’s been a wonderful year. We’ve had many disappointments. We’ve waited for events that did not arrive … yet. We’ve clung to the tree like the kitty stranded on a branch. Only through your help in paying the bills are we still here and that need does not end today or tomorrow.

We’ve emerged stronger, more mature, and bolder.

But what we’re involved in is a long, slow process. I don’t think the celestials want to emphasize that because it might cost us momentum. And I don’t want to emphasize it either. But we’ve accepted the fact that the thrilling and precedent-shattering events that we’re all waiting for may take some building up to. Not decades, but months anyways. There are more steps to go.

The sudden onset of prosperity might throw us all for a loop. Ascension has to await all our circuits being ready and other things that I have no idea of but suspect. Disclosure has to await the citizens of Earth not having a screaming fit when the first ships arrive.

We lightworkers have agreed to be spiritual adults and accept that this scenario is huge and unprecedented.  The first mass, physical Ascension anywhere in the universe, which will be a model for all that follows.  Yes, you, Kay Stone in Missouri: your Outreach Program is a model for what follows.  Jeanine and Gavin, Sitara Williamson, Terry Andrews, yes, you.

And you, Susan L, Jim Brown, and Jay and Barb, you and you and you, Pushkara, Wendy and Wajid. What we do here will live after us and speak our truth.

The very best of the season from all of us here on the Nova Earth Team – InLight Radio, the Hope Chest and the Golden Age of Gaia. Next year can only be better. Not full glory yet, but more of the best that we’ve ever had.  Not better because it’s been bad. But better because the love quotient on the planet is on a never-ending J-curve upwards.

Whatever you’re celebrating, or even if you’re not, may the spirit of the festive season catch you, sweep you up and give you a taste of what’s to come.




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