Ascended Masters 20141223 Archangel Amethyst via Natalie Glasson: The Golden Presence of Perfection


Amethyst 24-12

Posted by Brian Ramsell

Greetings Dear Ones, I am Archangel Amethyst, the feminine twin flame aspect of Archangel Zadkiel.

I am the Archangel of deep cleansing and purification on all levels. I can access the planetary levels, and into the physical levels as well – as the cosmic levels of the Creator – creating purification within each level, as well as drawing cleansing rays from each sacred level and aspect of the Creator.

I am also an Archangel of deep soothing and peaceful energies, bringing sacred comfort to any process of ascension you may be moving through. Due to the presence of these qualities within my being, I am a deeply nurturing aspect of the New Age, also known as the Era of Love, and the phases of Ascension.

Please, Dear Ones, do call upon my energies to assist and support you with grace and love. I will encircle you, weaving into your energies, understanding all aspects of your being, and bringing forth alignment and balance on new levels.

My presence is with you eternally. You can imagine me akin to an Amethyst crystal, my light is clear and pure, shiny and shimmering. The violet ray of light, with its qualities of magic and transformation, move through my heart and core energies, inspiring my purpose and service to all.

As shared by Archangel Zadkiel, those upon the Earth, and to some extent those on the inner planes, are moving through a twelve-day period of accepting and realizing the perfection consciousness of the Creator within.

This is such a sacred energy, shift, and awakening to exist[ing] within, as it is a wonderful time of inner growth and evolution. [It is] a time of teaching oneself and learning from oneself; a beautiful process of giving and receiving to aid deeper attunement with the consciousness of the Creator within your reality.

These sacred energies flowing forth through Archangel Zadkiel and my own energies, Archangel Amethyst, encourage you to contemplate the concept, quality, and energy of perfection, in order to access awakening thoughts of Creator consciousness, thus expanding your perspective.

I encourage you to take time to meditate and to call forth my energies, Archangel Amethyst, to be with and surround you. I will channel the energy wave of perfection consciousness from the Creator in order to activate the same within your being. With each breath, you inhale and exhale, you are attuning yourself to the perfection consciousness of the Creator, which means allowing yourself to remember this sacred consciousness, synthesizing it with your thoughts and perspective at your physical body level.

Take time to contemplate perfection. You may wish to ask yourself some questions to activate inspiration from within your being such as:

What do I perceive the perfection consciousness of the Creator as?

Do I believe myself to be the perfection of the Creator?

Is there a difference between my personal perfection and the perfection of the Creator?

These are powerful and inspiring questions, which promote contemplation. With the energies of the perfection consciousness of the Creator flowing, you may find your contemplation and meditation more abundantly filled with creativeness.

There are no wrong or right answers to these questions. The greatest gift is when you hold an understanding within your being and mind with which your entire soul and sacred presence resonates with. With this experience, you will know you are accessing the truth of your being and the Creator. Such experiences first require your trust, patience, faith in yourself, and the constant presence of your soul.

The greatest purpose we hold for these twelve days of transformation and truth unfolding is that you are able to comprehend yourself more fully as the Creator, and recognize the Creator all around and within all.

Such an experience would activate a continuous experience of your unfolding truth, enhancing your faith, trust, and belief in yourself and the Creator. While we honor any new insights within your mind connected to the perfection of the Creator, we encourage knowingness and experience from within, as this activates and allows the experience of embodiment and synthesis.

While our first goal is to assist and support a deeper contemplation of the Creator’s perfection, as well as recognition of the Creator’s perfection within self and all, our second goal is to assist and support the activation of the flow of the perfection consciousness from your soul into your entire being.

This process signifies and allows a continued experience, and access to your own perfection consciousness of the Creator. The flow of perfection would signify a transformation within your entire being, especially at a cell level, therefore allowing deep healing and transformation to take place at a cellular level, projecting into all levels of your being.

Imagine if your cells held the Creator’s perfection consciousness, even if they only held one percent of the Creator’s perfection consciousness. The truth is that your cells already do hold the Creator’s perfection consciousness, and yet this energy doesn’t manifest fully within your being. For example, [it may not yet] dissolve illness, discomfort, or even aging on the physical level, because you may not completely believe in yourself as a perfect aspect of the Creator and an expression of the perfection of the Creator. What percentage do you believe yourself to be the perfection of the Creator?

Your reality and perspective may influence your belief in your perfection. Perfection is often seen and determined as doing everything right, always looking beautiful, always being wise and intelligent, always knowing the right thing to say and do, and never making mistakes.

For many, the perfection is connected to right and wrong, good and bad, and even light and darkness. Perfection can be recognized within others due to the individual’s admiration for that person, the other’s popularity, or wanting and desiring what the other has and the individual does not.

When one falls in love, one sees only perfection and so this indicates that love is perfection, all forms of love are the perfection of the Creator. There is in many ways great truth in this statement and whether one chooses to see love as present or not, the perfection of the Creator is constant. We begin to understand that the love of the Creator opens all aspects of your being to sense, acknowledge and see the perfection of the Creator. One can make a mistake and it can be the perfection of the Creator. One can suffer and it can be the perfection of the Creator. One can receive gifts of abundance and it is the perfection of the Creator.

When you let go of your perception of what is right and wrong, good and bad, light and dark, then you begin to see, sense, and acknowledge the perfection of the Creator, and to hold the consciousness of perfection of the Creator within your thoughts and perspectives.

Perfection is not always good experiences, and yet if one lets go of good and bad, there are only experiences; therefore every experience is perfect. And so you begin to think in alignment with the expanded consciousness of the Creator, which transfers to your entire being and embodiment.

I, Archangel Amethyst, invite you to call me forth as you recite the words, ‘I am the perfection consciousness of the Creator.’ With every breath you inhale, you are accepting the energy and light of the Creator’s perfection consciousness. With every breath you exhale you are expressing and expanding your own Creator consciousness of perfection.

Through this simple process, you are achieving the two goals we wish for you as we share the Creator’s perfection consciousness with you: a deeper contemplation of the Creator’s perfection and a recognition of the Creator’s perfection within self and all, and the activation of the flow of the perfection consciousness from your soul into your entire being.

You can call upon our energies, Archangel Amethyst and Archangel Zadkiel, to support and assist you in creating these supreme transformations within your being at this stage of ascension.

I wish to share with you that my energies are coming forth to share this communication with you. Because from this moment, I am accepting and channeling the flow of Creator’s perfection consciousness to you, in order to anchor and impact the vibrations of the divine feminine, creating a deeply nurturing vibration and experience as this enhanced energy climaxes, and dissipates after the twelve days. Please know I am with you, supporting and loving you completely, recognizing the perfection of your being.

The perfection of your being is the divinity of your being. You are a golden being of perfection and it is time to recognize yourself in this way. You may wish to call your soul forth as a golden being of perfection asking, as you lie down, that this golden aspect of your soul merges, synthesizes, and unites with your physical and entire being. Let yourself enjoy this blissful unification.

In Angelic Love Eternally,

Archangel Amethyst

“Archangel Amethyst: The Golden Presence of Perfection,” channeled by Natalie Glasson, December 19, 2014, at

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