Time for Change 20140831 We are One. We are Love


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Posted by Steve Beckow

Hello to every One of us.

We are always, already one. Whether we know it or not, it doesn’t change and doesn’t depend on our knowledge of it.

We are all one. We are all love.

We are One at the absolute level. The absolute level is the heart. The heart at the level of the individual is the soul, spirit, Self, Christ or Atman. But the heart at the absolute level is the One.

The heart knows only love. The language of the heart is love. The treasure of the heart is love.

The heart is the garden of the divine qualities. The crop of the divine qualities is love. That crop is perennial and does not need to be canned or bottled. It’s endless, eternal, everywhere, always.All One 2

We don’t know this at the level of the Third. But we’ll absolutely know it at the higher levels. Not knowing it doesn’t change the fact.

Hello to the breeze. The breeze is love.

Hello to the trees. The trees are love.

Love has become everything.All One 1

Human beings are not seventy-percent water. They’re a hundred-percent love.

Oneness and love are the same. Oneness and love are all there is.

I don’t need to impress any One. I don’t need to change any One.

I don’t need to do this or do that. I don’t need to do right or avoid being wrong for us all to be One.

Everything seen and unseen is one, is love.

Despite the way it looks, despite the way it feels, despite the way it seems, we are all one. We are all love.





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