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Oversoul Teachings: “Embrace Your Mission” Channeled through Wes Annac, July 12, 2014 – http://wesannac.com/2014/07/12/embrace-your-mission/

What some souls know as ‘meditation’ is an act of opening up to the flowing energies and impressions that live within, and the practices that help you align with the energies and impressions you’re being lovingly given are intended to strengthen your perception of something that’s already there and can be picked upon regardless of whether you use them.

We don’t encourage looking to any one practice as if it’s the sole way to find a higher state of consciousness, and you don’t need to use any special technique to find the higher vibration you seek.

All you need to do is open your minds and hearts to the aforementioned energies and impressions, and as long as the influence of the mind and ego aren’t too strong or overbearing, you’ll find that you’re able to make the connections you seek.

The techniques you can use to re-find the higher realms serve to enhance your perception of the energy that sits within, but if your focus is on those practices instead of the higher vibration you want to reach, your efforts in reaching it will be distorted and some of you may wonder just why you can’t seem to feel it in the ways you really want to.

You can, of course, but your perspective is more important than anything when it comes to connecting with the higher realms.

Higher-Vibrational Attunement

Meditation or any other form of higher-vibrational attunement are recommended for those of you who are ready to leave the dross of the lower vibrations behind, and in many cases, all that’s required to reach a pure meditative state of consciousness is to release your mind-driven desire to do so.

The only role the mind can play in meditation is an inhibitor, and you’ll have to be willing to exit the mind completely to find a higher vibration and use this vibration to uplift yourselves and the planet around you.

Your job as awakening lightworkers and starseeds is to do everything you can in every moment to help raise consciousness and awareness, but if your own consciousness is too dense to be of assistance, the collective vibration will be affected negatively.

It’s important to embrace your mission and everything that comes with it, for in doing so, you’ll motivate yourselves to work harder than ever before, using the natural talents you’re rediscovering to help as many others become aware of spirit and their divinely ordained abilities as possible.

When all of humanity can find and integrate the higher vibration descending onto your minds and hearts, the collective vibration will rise and you’ll be much more able to greet the eventual presence of the Company of Heaven on your planet.

When we speak of the time when we’ll exist on your planet with you, we don’t intend for you to fixate yourselves on it or any undetermined point in the future.

Rather, we intend to motivate you to get to work raising the collective vibration so we can eventually reignite the flame that once burned strongly between humanity and various higher-dimensional entities and collectives, and it’s no secret that humanity’s vibration will have to be in a very different place before we can exist openly with you.

From our perspective, it’ll be but a few minutes of your earthly time before you’re all on a higher vibration and we’re able to convene with you, and this is why so many channeled messages speak of your heavenly future as if it’s right around the corner.

It is from our perspective, but since you’re in a denser and slower-moving state of consciousness, the rate of time between now and the ‘official’ beginning of your heavenly future will seem longer.

Imagine what your perception of ‘time’ is like from our perspective. Our scribe channels us nearly every day, for example, and while he feels like long hours pass by before our next communication, this time is but the blink of an eye to us.

Only a few short moments of our ‘time’ go by before we speak through our scribe again, and again, and again. We don’t experience time the same way you do on earth, and instead, we’re blessed to enjoy and appreciate this everlasting moment of now.

While humans experience an illusory, linear concept of time, we don’t exist under such limits and things that could take years and years of your time can happen in a few moments in the higher realms.

You Have a Lot to Remember

The non-existence of time is only one out of many things about these realms that’ll surprise and amaze humanity, and needless to say, you have a lot to remember before you can be back in these realms.

Most of humanity has a lot to learn in the way of the spiritual before you can exist on our vibration, and even some of the conscious public has a few things to learn about how their attitude and the accompanying actions can help or hurt their growth and development.

Even though it might not be easy to tell, your actions and the things you choose to empower and disempower are more important to the creation of your future than we could express. While you’re obviously destined to ascend into a higher state of consciousness, your future will always be based on the choices you make in every moment.

You’re in charge of your future and the direction you move in, and we can’t stop you from taking a different direction than you intended before you made your way to the earth. We can give you signs and messages that are intended to point you in the right direction, but we can’t prohibit you from traversing a path you choose for yourself.

This, among plenty of other reasons, is why your actions and your choices are so important, and as long as you have an understanding of their importance, we’re confident that you can remain balanced enough not to let yourselves fall into old ways or habitual patterns that clearly don’t serve you.

If you let yourselves, you could veer off into a much different path than you set out for yourselves, but we’re here to do everything we can to ensure that this doesn’t happen. Our ability to influence your reality and send you the aforementioned signs is decent, but when it comes down to it, you’re in the driver’s seat and you’re the only ones who can determine your actions or the path you’d like to take.

There are plenty of different paths you can take on earth – some of them helpful, some destructive – and now that so many of you are seeing the light and anchoring the resulting greater perception, your ability to discern which path will serve you best is growing to new heights.

It shouldn’t be too difficult to realize what helps and hurts your growth, but acting on this realization is what seems to be the most difficult for many awakening lightworkers and starseeds. You’re lighted souls who are on the earth on a very sacred mission, but it’s easy to distort your natural light frequencies in favor of the destructive things the earth offers.

The destructiveness of these things, which include genetically modified food and cultural poisons that are secretly intended to hinder your perception of spirit, can be transcended by the conscious public if you make a real and solid effort.

It’s important not to feed into the mechanisms driving the old world if you want any real or potent progress to be made in changing your planet, and in time, many of the things that feed humanity’s consciousness into lower realms will be seen and understood for what they really are.

When this happens, we can envision humanity delightfully scrapping that which no longer works for you in favor of things that promote your greater growth and development.

A Culture is Flourishing

Already, a culture is flourishing on your planet that orients to social and spiritual awareness instead of the distraction that’s been flaunted for centuries. Much of humanity is being distracted and pacified on an extreme level, and realizing this is essential to breaking this programming, which has blocked up the minds and hearts of so many unaware souls.

Some people are far more comfortable with your paradigm as it currently stands, and they’d be uncomfortable giving up all of the lower-vibrational things that have come to constitute their reality and their experience of entertainment.

Even these souls will eventually realize the destructiveness of the things they feed into, and when they do, we can envision them joining the already strong movement of souls who are ready to swap out the lower for the higher; the destructive for the constructive.

We don’t intend to sound dualistic, but from our perspective, it’s important for humanity to transcend everything that has and continues to hold you back in favor of things that support your developing bodies and spirits and ensure that the ongoing change from carbon to crystalline on the part of your physical bodies is easier.

As we and plenty of other have said in the past, humanity will have a choice as to how you wish to ascend.

Your ascension options will be infinite, and we’ll give an example by saying that you can choose whether or not you want to ascend individually or along with humanity in a series of increasingly pure energetic events that have and will continue to help you find a higher state of consciousness with each important timeframe that passes.

You’ll also have the choice as to whether you want to leave your physical bodies behind, existing as pure, fifth-dimensional energy, or keep them with you and transform them into fifth-dimensional crystalline bodies. The awakening humanity will have plenty more options related to your physical and spiritual ascension processes, and the choices will be yours entirely.

We can envision some of you happily leaving behind the meat suits you’ve been comfortably trapped in for so many countless lifetimes in the lower vibrations, but those of you who are particularly attached to or comfortable with your physical bodies will likely choose to take them with you and enjoy their upgraded, fifth-dimensional capabilities.

Whether or not you ascend into a crystalline body, you’ll enjoy a wealth of fifth-dimensional abilities that you would’ve never expected were even real, much less within your sphere of capability. They certainly are, but you have to open your minds to new possibilities; new perceptions, to realize just how real they are and just how able you are to utilize them.

Humanity is far more capable of miraculous wonders than you yet realize, and we’ll make our final expressions for this communication with encouragement to remember your divine nature and the infinite capabilities you possess within.

Realizing that your abilities exist is the first step to acting on them in a real and pure way, and we look forward to seeing how many awakening souls unlock and act on their greater abilities when the time comes.

Eventually, you’ll all act on your abilities and create amazing metaphysical things that’ll help other souls on other planets become aware of spirit and eventually ascend, but for now, keep practicing the abilities you’re starting to realize you possess, for in doing so, you’ll sharpen them in preparation for the wonderful future you’re entering and creating.

Understand the importance of your earthy presence, and seek to work as hard as you can, restoring consciousness and awareness and helping everyone understand the necessity to orient to love instead of the divisive ways of hatred and uncaring.

We love you more than we could hope to express with physical words, and we hope you can feel this love in your darkest and most depleted times.

Thank you to my higher self and spiritual guides.

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