Wes’s Channeled Messages 20140508 Spiritual Guidance via Wes Annac: You Are Divine Souls


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Posted by Janice Collins

Spiritual Guidance: You Are Divine Souls, as conveyed to Wes Annac, May 6, 2014 at:www.wesannac.com

With the love of the sacred heart by your side, there’s nothing you can’t do or be.

Nothing can hold you back in your budding era of personal empowerment and realization of the love you each carry within, and we’ll continue to be here with you, to help you realize this and various other things that are important to your growth and evolution away from the distorted states of consciousness that have taught you to believe in limitation and finiteness.

You aren’t limited to the physical circumstances around you, and those circumstances can be transcended if you truly desire to orient your lives to the divinity you seek to rediscover.

You are free and divine souls who are on a mission to awaken all of humanity to their freedom and divinity, and your rediscovery of love is leading you to understand this as you seek to connect with the higher realms in the purest ways possible and uplift everyone around you who’s starting to want to do the same.

Souls you would’ve never expected to awaken to spirit will be able to in due time, and the rising vibration on your planet is seeing to it that everyone’s able to find a genuine connection with spirit – if not now, then after a precious few more lifetimes on other worlds wherein they’ll hone their greater abilities and start awakening others to the reality of spirit.

Distractions and Distortions

On most other planets, finding enlightenment is much, much easier than it is on earth.

You’ve been largely held back by an occult force of international bankers, politicians, etc. who are aware of spirit and strongly desire to stop the rest of humanity from becoming aware of it, and we implore you to see beyond their influence and the things they’re doing to hold the rest of your evolving planet back.

Your mainstream culture is riddled with distractions and distortions that are intended to take you off of your developing paths and make finding a greater connection very difficult, but these forces are failing in their efforts to pacify and subdue humanity.

Instead of their efforts succeeding, more souls are discovering spirit and seeking to connect with the higher realms as they subsequently attempt to start changing your planet, or at the very least, motivating others to make change.

Your presence on the earth is lightening the collective vibration and making it far, far easier for the rest of your world to awaken, and in your darkest and most difficult moments, we’d love for you to be able to know and feel this in the greatest sense possible.

You’re up against a force that has humanity’s destruction in mind, but we don’t encourage an ‘us vs. them’ mindset that’ll further reinforce the division and duality that have already held your planet back so much. This type of mindset will only continue to keep you from the greater perception you’re destined to re-find and act on, and we encourage you to see beyond it for this and plenty of other important reasons.

However, we also encourage you to understand that this force – the ‘cabal’ as they’ve been referred to – works actively against humanity’s betterment and rediscovery of spirit, and thus, your efforts to counter the actions they’ve taken are very important.

Those of you who are rediscovering spirit don’t need to give as much of your energy to fighting the cabal as you have, and instead, you can use your energy to help all of humanity become aware of spirit. This is truly the best way to ‘fight’ the cabal, because they work to spread immorality and distortion to as many unaware souls who’ll integrate them into their lives as possible.

Even though the cabal doesn’t want to be exposed, their work isn’t necessarily geared toward stopping such exposure.

They’re taking actions to stop it, of course, but their primary efforts are geared toward completely replacing the light with the darkness they use your mainstream media to flaunt. This is why your efforts to spread the light and a higher vibration are so important, and in doing so, you’re countering the cabal in the greatest sense.

Reintroducing the Light

By refusing to give them your thoughts and energy and working for the light instead, you’re doing exactly what these souls don’t want: reintroducing the light to a collective consciousness of souls who’ve been rooted in darkness.

From our perspective, this is truly the best way to serve mankind and ‘fight’ the cabal, and with this understanding, we hope for you to increase your efforts in bridging the lower and higher realms by acting as divinely inspired forces for change and for the light.

Let yourselves be positive when it’s easier not to be. When you’re frustrated or find yourselves in stressful situations, move beyond that stress and into the light of your developing higher-dimensional existence, because in doing so, you’re raising the collective vibration immensely.

The collective vibration benefits enormously when you’re able to be in a good place, and with this understanding in mind, you can work to be as happy, uplifted, and satisfied as possible.

We don’t encourage hiding away from darkness or, in the case of our scribe, acting as if it shouldn’t be a part of your existence. You’re growing away from darkness, but an aspect of doing so is learning to greet it and let go of the negative or low feelings it can cause in you.

Darkness doesn’t have to bring you down in the way it has for many developing seekers, and as long as you let it or attempt to avoid it, you’ll only feed it.

If our scribe permitted, we’d be able to tell you about all of the negative and dastardly things the cabal has done to humanity – not to get your blood boiling or have your sharpen your pitchforks, but to inform you of what’s been hidden from you. You deserve to know the truth, but if you aren’t ready to hear it, it can’t be delivered to you.

You have to be ready and willing to understand some of the darker things that have and continue to take place before you can move beyond them, and even though we encourage situating yourselves on a higher vibration as much and as often as you can, there’ll be times when you face circumstances that could be seen as dark or lower.

When you do, you can move beyond them with the understanding that they don’t have to bring you down unless you let them. You can easily let darkness or lower-vibrational situations bring you down, but doing so will only hurt your growth and evolution and make a higher vibration much more difficult to find.

Experiencing darkness is an aspect of moving away from it, and as long as most of you can experience difficult situations and bid them adieu without attaching yourselves to them, you don’t have many more to go through.

Free-Flowing Planetary Evolution

This is because of the lightening vibration and humanity’s conscious and subconscious readiness to move beyond pain and darkness altogether, and we excitedly await the time when you can be back with us, in realms where darkness is practically unheard of yet still understood and able to be discussed.

We really only discuss the darkness of the earth with its people, because the myriad other planets and civilizations we’re helping evolve don’t have to deal with the immense and extreme darkness that you dear souls do.

Evolution is much easier and more free-flowing on most other planets, and while there are the few other planets who experience darkness in as intense of a form as earth, the earth is among the planets that are rooted in darkness the most.

This is one of the reasons your efforts to anchor the light are so important and so needed, and we’re overjoyed to see that you’re beginning to discover this as you greet the light and work to awaken others to its existence and prevalence all around you.

The light provides a foundation upon which the dark and its antics lives. Once the dark is seen beyond and transmuted, the light will remain with you like it’s always been and will increase in the minds and hearts of every earthly seeker who strives to find it.

The light is and has always been here for you, dearest souls – it’s simply that you have to believe it exists and that you can tap into it before you can experience its greatest benefits.

Understanding the reality of the connections you’re making will help you make them in much purer ways, but if you let yourselves doubt the process or the connections you’re making, your doubt will be returned to you in the form of a distorted connection or communication.

You get what you put out, dearest souls, and if you just aren’t able to believe you’re capable of connecting with the higher realms, then you won’t.

If, however, you’re able to believe in your abilities as increasingly sensitive instruments for higher-dimensional expression, the flow you seek to attain will come to you naturally and effortlessly and you’ll be able to pick up on our energies and impressions in any and every moment you seek to.

We’ll make our final expressions for this communication with love and support for your developing abilities and the connections you’re beginning to be able to make.

Even though we understand that it’s easy to convince yourselves you’re unable to make the greater connections you seek, we’re here to remind you that you’re capable of anything and everything you put your evolving minds and hearts to. Understand this, dearest souls, because you’re truly limitless.

Thank you to my higher self and spiritual guides.






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