Contacting Beings of Light 20140508 New Day, New Perceptions Ascended Master, El Morya’s Weekly Message ~ May 06 – 13, 2014


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New Day, New Perceptions
Ascended Master, El Morya’s Weekly Message ~ May 06 – 13, 2014
Received by Julie Miller 

You’ve heard many masters and angels of the divine speak of faith, yet have you ever given any thought to what faith is? Faith is all about having complete confidence and/or trust in something or someone. Is it not possible to have faith in yourself? As you walk along this path that you are on, in order to bring about positive results not only do you need to have faith in God, but of your own abilities and effort to bring success into your life. In addition, faith is also a precious and divine state of mind, which is greatly enhanced and triggered by your own claim and verification of truth. The truth dear ones is what you relay to your subconscious mind to do with total confidence, it will in fact act upon that very belief. It is your subconscious mind that acts from the belief of faith. Continuous affirmations to your own self about certain goals or tasks you are aiming to reach and the necessary effort and work from you along with positive self-talk, will maintain and increase your level of faith. Try to remember, regardless what another person has told you about the difficulties of certain choices you are considering of making, it is what you believe that truly and ultimately matters. We know you can easily get side-tracked by negative comments, judgments and criticisms given by others that can easily become your own; it is important to focus on the positive about yourself and any comments that you repeat to yourself that were given by others can easily damage your progression or expedite it. Learn to believe and have faith in yourself. 
If you have struggled with faith, then how can you develop a stronger level of faith? Well, dear ones, believing in yourself combined with continuous positive self-talk, and self-love with the use of affirmations to your subconscious mind will provide the nourishment that will give rise to your faith. It is changing how you see yourself that will strengthen and develop your faith. Your mind is only as complex or as simple as you make it. Life can be simple dear ones if you choose simple ways of living and being. Remember whatever it is you suggest to your mind to do and you believe in the suggestions and you repeat them enough, they will in time, manifest into what you are doing and will naturally become truth. This is why it’s so essential to ensure that you are nourishing your mind with positive messages of yourself in regards to the goals and tasks you are reaching to achieve. Understand that your precious mind will carry out your truth regardless if the sincerity about your self is truth or fiction…your mind will carry out its actions regardless. It is your responsibility to ensure the stability of your mind and to manage the thoughts and feelings that flow through sometimes rampantly. Comprehend, a mind that is hostile, and often critical will often lead you to mental upset. Faith also comes to you when you display a healthy balance of understanding what you hear. You are bombarded by so much information, and so much of the information you receive does not always resonate with you or it doesn’t contain the entire story, and what you read can be very misleading. Try to understand that from all you hear, if you don’t listen to the messages you get from your inner self regarding the content of the information or story all that you read is truly meaningless. Giving yourself time to understand the message behind the information or story internally is vital to your ability to develop your faith. 
There are so many dear souls that have trouble believing in themselves. Some dear souls choose to believe in some things, but look away from other areas. This lack of self-belief isn’t just “how you are made,” or “just how you are.” You are able to bring change to how you perceive your Self. It does take courage to acknowledge these serious issues of how see yourself and of your ability to succeed. Acknowledgement is the first step dear ones and one that can be the most painful, but it also provides incredible learning and growth opportunities. 
A lack of faith in your abilities is deeply rooted within low self-esteem and low confidence. When you actually demonstrate low self-esteem and low self-confidence, you are also saying without using words that you also lack faith in your Self. It is up to you to put an end to any self-defeating attitude and behaviour and step up to the plate and take control of your life. Only you can do this. Others may advise, but you must take the steps, it is you that must endure and bring on the changes that will produce positive changes to how you see yourself that will encourage a steady climb of faith that will also give rise to your self-esteem and confidence levels. Life can be good even if you are going through a difficult time, its just merely changing your perception, beginning with yourself. 
Never forget that each of you are made in the image of God. Within all your uniqueness, each of you carries everything God has brought into reality. No matter how many imperfections you may find of yourself, there are just as many perfections. Changing how you think of yourself will provide you with many new directions to take that will help you to attract more positive experiences. In the eyes of God, you were born perfect dear ones. You have allowed yourself to wander along a path where thoughts and feelings were filled with doubt and lacking of belief. Each of you has the infinite potential of turning any negative thought, feeling or even need into reality. Therefore the confidence and trust you have in God and in your Self will help to expand your faith that will provide you with the encouragement to develop all the faith that is needed to meet the challenge of any obstacle or troubling situation that you may face. It is this same confidence and level of trust that is needed for you to work on believing and having faith in your Self. You are worth your self-care, before believing in all others and what they have to say and do, begin with believing in you. 
Every day you gifted a new day to begin again, a new day to grow and to learn and to become more than you were yesterday. Each new day is another day to work on loving yourself and being kind to yourself. When you are able to give yourself the respect you deserve that is pure and genuine, not filled with self-judgment or self-criticism you will be able to respect others just as purely and genuinely. Each day is a new day dear ones to be the best you can be, to love, to share and to be compassionate with one another and of course this must begin with you. As you wake to a new day, give thanks to God for providing another opportunity to work on your faith in Him and in yourself. Today is great day to begin making changes for the betterment of your Self that will improve the interactions of those that are closest to you. Make your today count as tomorrow is still in the future. 
And so it is…
I AM Ascended Master, El Morya…
…through Julie Miller




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