Enlightening Videos 20131129 RT: Jesse Ventura: Every baby born in US already $50,000 in debt


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by Jean

When this is over, we are going to have to make some big decisions. Jesse hints at a couple. Before we move forward, we have to address in totality the way our elections have been run. Almost three years ago, when I started my blog I also said I believe we are headed to a time when we will neither need nor want a two-party system. This is cabal instituted and creates the Haves and the Have-Nots. I know for a fact that there is plenty of money for all of us, not just the privileged, so I hope we will consider electing the man who will do the best job for everyone, not the 51% who win the election. ~J

A man of many titles, Jesse Ventura is a politician, actor, author, US navy veteran and a former professional wrestler. He does not associate himself with either side of the political establishment. Jesse Ventura won the seat of 38th Governor of Minnesota as an independent candidate. He believes the same luck may push him to the top of American politics – to become president of the United States.


Sophie Shevardnadze: Hello Jesse, nice to have you on the show today. Now, you want to run for presidency in 2016. Realistically, do you think you can win?

Jesse Ventura: First of all, I didn’t say that I was running, but I felt that the opportunity was there for a 3rd candidate to be successful, in the light of the fact that the way that our two parties have operated in the last few years, in the last decade, they truly have alienated the people to the point when the approval rating of the Congress is at ten percent. That’s astounding – nine out of ten people dislike them and don’t approve what they do. So I just stated that in the situation of a third candidate you always wanted in a year, where there’s not an incumbent and 2016 would provide that year, there will be no incumbent, and that’s where he could be the most successful. And I stated that if I did run, I would run under one premise and I believe I could win on this alone – in light of the way things are today in the U.S. I would run and give the American people the opportunity to make history and to elect the first president since George Washington, who does not belong to a political party – imagine that. We’ve had only one president who wasn’t attached to what I refer as“political gangs” and I believe the public sentiment today is that candidate could win on that alone, because people are so sick and tired of the way these two parties have governed and the way that they’ve ran our government into the ground and what we stand for today.





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