Contacting Beings of Light 20131122 NEW ENERGETIC CHANGES – MAGARTHA Through Kathy Vik 11-19-13



We greet you to the table of elders, we ask you come as light, imagine the body which you inhabit coming with you, rather than trying to split your consciousness, as is often done with meditation. Let what you can imagine be within your physical form, and allow this form to become living light. Come to the table as an equal, a family member in this family of light, we welcome you home.

The Great Central Sun is delivering, even now, in your time, a great transmission, the channel sensing this as geometrics and light, when able to see. This is nearly a plasmic transmission, and we wish to now highlight the truth of such things.

Many have sensed a ramping up or refinement in energies. Some are having profound changes occur within what they have come to identify as their psyched, and this is but one way these transmissions manifest.

The energy is constant, but has been refined, and yet, we wish to explain this as more of a frequency than a transmission. Although there is much information, all information, within these bodies of code, of coded, quantum, inferential and revolutionary information, because they exist at all, they exist eternally, and it is your interpretation of truth which you are then manifesting within you physical vehicles, your personality expressions, and this then translates for the individual in terms of questioning that which was once obviously true, and moving then to a place, oftentimes, of surveying that which you once found solidly accurate, regarding a situation, person, or reality, and you find these once cherished belief structures looking quite out of place, clunky, we can describe it that way. Perhaps comical, perhaps a little poignant, realizing, one by one or all at once, that what was once your vantage point, the place where you housed your perspective, many are now finding the perspective has shifted very dramatically, and new vistas are becoming clearer, daily, we tell you. Daily this is now occcuring for some.

We wish to reassure those who are remembering, or becoming aware of, their multiplicity, their oneness with expressions they now own as theirs, and have since discarded. Those who find themselves remembering profound truths, about your place, your history, so to speak,, your identity, the roles you have played, many are seeing a consolidation of personalities, and we say this plural, purposefully.

Do not fear this process. It is a unification of expression, and it was what many of you had heard would occur, a unification of timelines, it has been called. We say, better to describe it as a unification of self, many now able to hold multiple foci of awareness, while doing mundane or intricate things, these awarenesses are now yours. If they have not yet come to your awareness, this has nothing to do with worth, with deserving, with no judgment or comparison are these revelations given. But it must be said, these words of reassurance and care, for those experiencing such things. This is the way of it, and those having these revelations are calmed and relieved in hearing this is to be expected, whispering between each word, remember, remember, remember.

Returning to the concept of frequency, spin, wave, however it is most easily visualized, these frequencies or bodies of waves of information, love, divine love, are available to all, at all times. This is to do with preparedness.

Did not most of you read, years ago, in channeled messages, were you not party to teachers, be they strangers, acquaintances or paid guides, were you not told to prepare? To do the work? Do you remember the catchphrase, “If you’re not working on yourself, you’re not working?” Some took such simple adages to heart, and they did the work. They are now prepared to take in frequencies which are unattended to by those whose energy contains within it overlays from the past collective agreements, old energy patterns and thought/belief/emotional structures which have, at their heart, fear. The need for validation, the certainty of doom, these are overlays which obstruct the natural flow of these cosmic frequential fields more in step, so to speak, with a quantum, or entangled, awareness.

Be at peace, we pray, with wherever you find yourself, with whatever dilemma or puzzle remain. And if none remain, if you can see all as purposeful and benevolent, we tell you this is a valid and true place from which to create as you see fit. All will come to see the dilemmas and decisions in their lives in richer terms, but there are some without the karmic overlays you have carried from birth, and this creates not so much a wobble, but a need to tend, paradoxically, to the physical vehicle with tender care.

We urge you to see your bodies as divine expressions, durable and healthy, ready and clean, strong and wise. See this physical vehicle as your wise friend, someone who has protected and loved your consciousness so much, that it self corrects gross neglect, at times, borne out of the belief that the body has no voice, cannot be trusted, must be fixed, and is dying as it lives. Although a valid philosophical point of view, ta clarified attitude toward the body is essential in progression.

Consider the heavenly visitors you receive, the lights in the sky many are seeing now, the profound astrological messages that are being sent, consider these messages from source, and from your own selves, please, we ask for this larger perspective from those willing to hold it. Not only are these “rays” which are “downloading” information amplified by celestial events, but your consciousness, collectively, calls these events into significance. It is a cooperative effort, and it is important, we feel, to reiterate your part in this grand time. It is no accident you are here, doing precisely what you are doing. Many are living moment to moment is a deliberate, aware fashion, and this state, many are finding, is the seat of synchronicity itself.

Dwell here when you can, and do not criticize your consciousness when you find your attention drawn into the detail you are, in fact, placing within your own awareness. This is living deliberately, understanding that you are indeed one with all that you are aware of, and you are the sovereign of your awareness.

Many are finding breaks in significant relationships which might come as a surprise. If there has been unending conflict within a relationship, the see-saw of energy which made many feel incapable of self regulation, many are finding these relationships unplugged, and they are unable to relate to the drama in which they used to spin. Many have found they just “cannot go” certain places, toward habitual thoughts, behaviors and expectations. Things are not “sticking” as much, for many.

This is a change in energy that has been called forth for experience. Always there, always ready to be available, there have been changes within Gaia herself, due to your shifts in consciousness, and your express, spoken permission, and this allows you, your physical vehicle, your mind and pineal gland, your entirety, to access what had been waiting there for you.

Can you not see the benevolence in a system which has, and now had, built in triggers, built in releases and openings, which could organically change your receiver-ness, your abilities to appreciate them. This is a cooperative, organic effort in consciousness, and many are finding that these changes have made their former priorities and desires alter, and for some, this has been dramatic. If looked at with a glad heart, with a mind which has absorbed its training, it can be seen as nothing short of miraculous.

And this is how we wish to end it, by reiterating that it is you who allow this grand procession, and the level of permission by those who are naturally able to do this, is astounding. There is a very important point to this we stress now. The translation of this energy must, must, it must, be communicated human to human. You are now able, many of you, to contain the planet within your fields, in your most deliberate meditation,s eyes open or closed. Many can do this, but what matters more is the physical translation, human to human, of this energy. Your interpretation, your embodiment of a more cohesive DNA field, creating more and more opportunities for further activation, this is a fire which need only be lit here and there, and then moved around, wither with consciousness or in the physical. Many of you are doing work which would still boggle you in your physical reality. Your abilities are vast, as is your influence, and this contact you have with your fellow man, coming to all in peace, with laughter, with kindness and generosity, with forbearance, with permission, we tell you this is the balm, the act which relieves burdens.

The grid has once again sweetened, lightened, and you will find this work easier. Many of the resistances so many sweet souls found crushing has since been removed. Consider it an alchemy, please always consider this, you are participant as well as originator, creator. You have an effect on others. They are not pretend, they are not made up, they are not projections of your consciousness, except at the highest levels of energetics. Consider your fellow man and woman as fellow travelers, as grateful as you are to be held in high regard, regardless of what is said, or done, or thought.

You will have contact with those who have resistance, and what you will find that the resonance is such that your reactivity has been nullified, in many instances, and this can make dealing with those who are still entrenched in fear and the behaviors it generates, you much easier for you. See to it that you pity no one, and judge no one’s progress, or what you might think is lack of progress. Each human being is valid, and having a profound conversation WITH THEMSELVES. As are you. See to it that your conversations, with one another, are harmonious. Do not hesitate to speak your mind, and do not doubt the guidance you will find helping you with difficult situations.

You are not alone, and your daily puzzles, activities and challenges can be handled joyfully and skillfully, by more and more and more of you.

We tell you, this is the way of it, a simple path which allows you to love that which is being expressed by your self, all the time, without end, in peace. This spreads, and through your mingling with, talking with, encouraging and helping others, all gain momentum, all stretch, all hear your song of home. It is sounding in your very cells, and we ask, in closing that you celebrate your song, cast any remaining worries aside, and understand the profundity of what you, as a human living in the time of this great shift, have done for yourself and your fellow traveler.

We are gratified you came to this table, and remind you this communication does not cease, it is only your changing, beautiful awareness which allows you access, as you see fit.

We walk with you in love.



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