The manuscript of survival 20131019 The Manuscript of Survival – Part 363, channeled by Aisha North


The symbols of success can be many, but for now, let us just focus on a few that will appear for many of you. You have and will start to connect in a way that will enable to you start to see things, but when we refer to this, we do not necessarily refer to tangible things that you can simultaneously touch with your bare hands.

We refer to symbols and shapes that may not contain any information that you will understand from a human point of view, but symbols that in themselves contain essential information that will leave their imprint on you in a way that will be of great help. Of course, this whole message, in fact, any message that you may receive in this kind of manner also conveys much of its information this way.

For what you SEE is not always ALL you get. You will see these words, and you will take in their meaning, but in addition to this superficial level of information, there are many, many others, and now those will start to become apparent to more and more of you. For you will SEE what you have not seen before, but we do not refer to small green men in flying saucers. No, what we refer to, are these non-verbal forms of communication, communication that is an ongoing process at all times, but that you may not even have been aware of. For you are constantly being exposed to so much information, but this information has been hidden from view as it were. Nonetheless, it has always been there, and now, many of you will start to be able to discern them.

It will appear as if out from nowhere, and you will ”see” it in many ways. Not as projections on a wall perhaps, and not through those outer apertures, your human eyes. No, you will see them within, but they will be as clear for you as the things you see with your eyes. You will not necessarily ”get” their meaning as such, but you will still be able to discern the vibrational information these symbols and shapes carry, and you will note that they do have an effect on you.

For this form of communication is extremely effective and powerful, and even if you are not aware of this, you are also sending OUT this kind of information, not only receiving it. So stay tuned as they say, and see if you can start to listen in on this ongoing conversation in some way, and we can guarantee you that you will be able to do so. Just do not expect to be able to transcribe all the information that you get this way into human language.

For there are not enough words to do just that. But you do not need words to describe them any way, for you are able to take it all in without having to go by that language center that is an intrinsic part of a human brain. For you are so much more than you brain, no matter how incredibly complex that is, and now, you will start to rediscover that in earnest.




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