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By Ascensionn Earth 2012

At this time we can assure you that we are not idle and inactive as regrettably the dark continue in their corruption and criminality, and we are now working from various different angles and approaches to apply and administer pressure where necessary, so that things don’t get too out of hand. We must follow certain procedures and practices, but our ultimate end result still remains untarnished and unadulterated, which is your freedom and sovereignty, and you will have it complete and full, we know many have strong feelings and emotions about the legal system and law enforcement, but the changes will offer you a greater degree of protection and safeguard in the field of law and courts.

Dear Ones many do not heed our words, but we tell you that we have many back up plans and secondary support structures, many things are still in the mix and working themselves out, we are partly and somewhat close to having humanity gathered as one in peace and unity, and you will be far stronger bonded together as one, and fit for a far greater purpose, and you have our full backing and support on this.

Do not devalue or cheapen yourselves, as you are the sweet seeds at the center of it all, and mother earth deeply cherishes and supports you, and our allies have the necessary tools of defence and deterrence to protect you, so don’t feel demoralized or discouraged.

Many cry out loud in a desire of wanting to be free of disease and oppression in this dark night, but if you hold to the light and love at some point you will move past a point of no return, then your eyes will be fixed firmly to that new world of higher light and oneness.

Many lightworkers are a wash in feelings of being unappreciated and unrewarded, and feel disconnected from their spiritual inheritance, and have loss their ability to harp out those emotional high notes, and feel they have a deadly disease call disparaging, but dear ones we tell you to slam the brake on this now, jack-knifing, as these feelings are not of any matter or materiel to who you really are, and your emotional balance is on the road to being restored and renewed, however many still struggle with emotional instability, and for the most part they have this under control, but do only what you can in this regard at a rate that suits you, and we have our personnel encamped where needed to help you fend off these attacks on your light, so call on us for help.

The Great Galactic Mother is purging and purifying the undesirable elements out of your awareness, as she Lovingly sends the incoming energies to earth from Galactic Center, bringing back the divine feminine to those who are not easily moved and hardhearted, so that many start to feel comforted and close to home. These energies will also act upon your political leaders to let cooler heads prevail to ward off and prevent any new wars and conflicts.

Many have become entangled and caught up in the lower vibrations, but if you persist in raising your light you will turn a corner and shift into the higher dimensions, leaving behind your menial servitude to the bewitching spell of matter, you are being forged and cast into who you will become, and you can then set sail and embark toward the wonderful heights of freedom in the higher dimensions.

Many now billow and balloon out of the current system as they have absorbed and integrated the lessons of the trials and hardships they have endured, and has made them prepared and ready to deal with the new cycle of time, in which time will lose all meaning and value. This is all leading into the event when those who have managed to raise their awareness into greater love and light will be included in the great harvest or mass ascension, and this event will make it to the mass public awareness, and even the second best and second rate among you will be included by an act of creator’s grace. Once ascended you will have the basic necessities in a luxurious way, with insightful realisation of truths once obscured, to headline your consciousness. When freed from the time continuum you will trace out your own trail and your intent and desire will be clear, sure, and to the benefit of all.

The repressed anger and animosity held by the peoples in different regions of the world toward each other will be removed with the scalpel of light and love, so all can live in harmony.

Many are ridiculed and made fun of as they spread the truth about beings outside your world, and in response seek seclusion or to hibernate away till the light is fully grounded on earth, but in your role of enlightening others you are more than capable of the task in front of you, in lieu of us doing so when we arrive.

Your return home to the higher dimensions may be viewed as picturesque and ideal, but you are inexperienced and new to this. To help you feel more at home your experiences from the lower dimensions are being recorded, and can be accessed if you should need them. You are living in a time of prophecy and you have been sorely tried and tested, but your DNA has been upgraded in this process.

You are all indeed very majestic and beautiful beings of light that have stepped down from the higher dimensions, by branching yourselves repeatedly into two equal parts of division, and hitting the accelerator and going headlong into the lower dimensions, so that now where you have come from has become inexpressible and unimaginable, and is tantamount to you being completely cut off from source, but you still carry the Godspark of creators light and that is your saving grace within, and will shine a clear path outside of the world of shadow and illusion returning you home. Now this drive is growing within you and you are pushing your stems out of the darkness and into the light, and we respect the work done by the many women bloggers, who from their computers publish insightful news, channellings and essays to assist in the awakening process, and this is helping to bring down that good old boy network, and turning the wheels that drive the system from darkness into the light.

The Dark Ones plans have been made a complete failure to start new World War, and those planners are quickly being excised and expunged from their positions, as our allies push and pound on pressure to remove them, and you have created this by your mastery of your life wave, and have now taken a shining to controlling your reality, and finding your highest and most outstanding levels of awareness, and are on the spiral outward. The 144,000 Christed Ascended Masters hold you faultless and blameless for anything you may have done on your journey in lower dimensions, and bid good riddance to the darkness and your return to the light.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and you are transitioning from one vibration to another of a greater extent, and you have all collectively voted to return to the higher vibrations. Until that can manifest you still have to put up with draining and irritating situations, but we are working through the backlog to resolve this as quickly as possible, and in spite of this you have kept up your spirits, and retained the good aspects of your personality, and we are acting to mediate and broker an outcome that would be to the benefit of all.

Thank You SaLuSa.





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