Wes’s Channeled Messages 20131014 Wes Annac ~ A Call for Real and Lasting Unity



This is a call to everybody out there who’ll be lead to this, in one of the various places it’ll inevitably be posted. This is a call to everyone who’s been talking about and advocating the idea of widespread unity for years and decades.

We all have our unique philosophy in regards to the future we’re heading into, but one factor remains to be recognized by us all: the necessity to build upon the simple talking and advocating we’ve done up to this point. I can say from experience that it feels great to talk about coming together, but it’ll feel much better to actually see it come about.

We could have a potentially long road ahead of us helping the populace unite and wipe away prejudice, discrimination and separation of any kind.

The enforced belief that we’re different from one another has only continued to damage our planet and our relationship with each other as a collective, and it’s time for us to see beyond the illusion and help as many others become aware as possible.

The planetary elite have employed the old strategy of “divide and conquer” quite successfully, but they’ve only been able to do so because we perceived and fed separation and everything that’s come with it in the first place.

No matter the amount of power the cabal could seem to have, they’ve only been able to do everything they have because of our individual actions and the manner in which we treat each other. How often do you practice the Golden Rule?

Advocating it and the ideas presented here in general is certainly recommended, but there comes a time when concrete action must be taken. To every person out there reading this: it’s time for you to get active in uniting with your fellow man. It doesn’t matter what differences you may perceive between yourself and another.

You say your spiritual philosophy or belief is different from another? Respect the uniqueness that is our existence on this Earth, and establish what you have in common rather than what you assume must keep you apart.

We have much more in common with each other than we’ve allowed ourselves to think or realize, and if we can see beyond the division that’s run rampant we can uncover our massive ability to Create positive change, in my opinion.

I’ve posed the question of just what we’re each doing in every moment to bring about a new paradigm, because we’re ultimately at the forefront of Creating change and we’re being led to take the wheel and steer our planet in a positive direction.

If we want to see unity established on the world stage, we should ask ourselves if we practice it in our Lives or toward those around us. How do you treat another whose opinion or belief is different from yours? Do you allow the healthy expression of every person to come about, or do you seek for yours to be the “dominating” opinion?

In my view, we’ll have to break the tendency to fall into rigid protection of our deeply-held belief or philosophy when presented with alternative viewpoints if we really want to come together. It’ll be essential for a society built on unity to recognize and respect what each person has to offer, because division and suppression of our voices has only led to war and the unjust rule of the few.

If the voice of just one person is suppressed or not allowed in our society, we aren’t living up to our highest goal of absolute equality and unity. If just one person isn’t allowed to express themselves in a free and uninhibited setting with balanced support and encouragement from those around them (as well as healthy and un-vitriolic debate) then we haven’t yet established the fairest and most just ruling body.

My feeling is that until we’re literally floating in blissful fifth-dimensional vibrations, we have a planet to run that’s been waiting for millennia to be run by the people in a peaceful and harmonious manner. There’s no better time than now, and one of the best things we can do to display the new paradigm in progress is to respect and Love each other for our uniqueness and individuality.

Why should you, fellow awakening soul, allow any perceived difference to come between you and another? Our awakening collective is strong and is growing rapidly every day, and yet, I tend to notice division and argument prevalent at times amongst people who are awakening to the necessity to establish Love and unity.

At one time, I fed into the division because of what’s referred to as “spiritual ego”. I felt the need to “fight” others and argue the beliefs and stances I hold dear to my heart, but I never realized that in doing so I was feeding right into the hands of orchestrated division and conquering.

The lower energy I funneled through myself with each argument in favor of my stance benefitted our former energetic controllers, who benefit not when one’s belief is trumped over (well, they do in a certain sense) but when difference in belief can cause negativity and separation to wash through souls who are becoming enlightened.

Can you imagine the banquet the former controllers receive when we choose to duke it out on the internet?

It’s time to move away from all of this, fellow conscious seekers, and move toward true unity and Love. I can only talk about it so much (though I’ll happily continue to) and at a certain point it becomes necessary for us all to put these ideas into play.

I’m only referencing a few spiritual or alternative news sites I visit every day here, but what’s stopping people from the Ashtar Command Crew and Lightworkers.org community from forming together, for example? What’s stopping the various members comprising these and other sites from first finding harmony amongst their own ranks and diminishing separation?

I’ve seen spiritual ego flourish at times and cause massive infighting on various spiritual or alternative news sites, and if we awakening souls can see past such petty ego-fueled division than we can actually form together, contribute immensely to an already strong and strengthening movement, and actually begin merging with the like-minded communities around us.

Conscious spiritual and alternative news sites are everywhere. Imagine if a solid body of people from two or three different websites who’ve come together then reached out to every other community. We’ll have grown to proportions we haven’t yet imagined.

So just what’s stopping us? If you’re reading this on Lightworkers.org, Ashtar Command Crew, Golden Age of Gaia, The Galactic Free Press, or any other related website, I ask what’s stopping you from throwing yourself into absolute unity and the building of a strong and organized group of awakening people?

Just imagine the potential we possess and the vast power we’ll wield with a clear purpose and numbers we wouldn’t perhaps expect. I get the feeling more and more that this coming-together is exactly what we’re meant to do, and I’ll continue to advocate it and do all that I can to bring every awakening community together, because we’re strong in unity and weak in division.

Wes Annac – Delivering a long awaited and underrated message.



Contributing Editor: The Golden Age of Gaia








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