Messages of Light 20130909 Archangel Zadkiel and St. Germain via Goldenlight: Clearing out all negativity with the Violet Flame, 9-5-13


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Dear Friends, above is an audio channeling of a message from Archangel Zadkiel which may be listened to lying down in a meditative state. Also above are paintings of the energies of Archangel Zadkiel and Archangel Gabriel which will soon be available for purchase.

Tonight we’re going to connect in with Archangel Zadkiel and St. Germain, and St. Germain is the keeper of the Violet Flame, and Archangel Zadkiel as well is of the violet flame and the Violet Ray. The Violet Flame is one of transmutation, transfiguration and forgiveness.

The first thing that comes through is that Archangel Zadkiel wants to say that there is Hope. That there is Hope for this world, hope for transmuting all the suffering in this world. And that the more people resonate with these higher vibrational frequencies, that this will assist with the transmutation of all that is negative, of the duality and lower dimensions and this will transform these into the higher dimensional energies of love, forgiveness, and especially for those who are struggling with anger right now, and the channel is struggling with anger, and has been struggling with anger, over some family issues, this has been going on for quite some time. She’s in the process of transmuting these into the higher dimensional qualities of forgiveness and compassion and loving kindness and sympathy, and all of the higher dimensional qualities that radiate out from source.

Source is only love and light, source is only love, forgiveness, tolerance, compassion, caring, and kindness. And its only in the lower dimensional worlds, especially the old 3rd dimensional world, which is now falling away as you know, that these dual concepts of love and fear, anger and forgiveness, light and dark exist. These do not exist in the higher dimensions. The higher dimensions consist of purified rays of Source light, and prismatic….. prismatic….. we are sending now to the channel right now a visual image of a multi-faceted diamond, and… if you think of a multi-faceted diamond sparkling in the light, this diamond radiates out sparkles of light. And this is a metaphor for the Creator Source sending out these rays of love, which flow through this prism and come out spinning out these qualities of light.

And these qualities of light are so wonderful in the higher dimensions. We have the unity consciousness in the higher dimensions, we have compassion and caring, loving kindness and thoughtfulness. We have the Golden Rule. The Golden Rule is to do unto others as you would have done unto yourself. And we can certainly not say that this is being followed thoroughly on earth right now of course. This is part of the old 3rd dimensional paradigm. Especially all of the war that is going on, the economic hardship and debt slavery which so many exist in upon the earth still. This is all being transformed gradually yet constantly. And it’s being tranmuted and transformed into higher dimensional light qualities.

And there is a separation and a splitting of the dimensions and the worlds. And there is a portion of the old 3rd dimensional world that continues to persist in existing. And this will no longer be able to exist around these higher frequencies, these higher dimensional frequencies which are anchored in Mother Earth’s body in the crystalline grid. They were anchored in her body in December of 2012. And this crystalline grid has been resonating with a higher dimensional frequency since then. And this higher dimensional frequency which emanates from within this crystalline grid inside of the earth…this energy is being absorbed by the beings on the earth.

And those who do not have an inner frequency that resonates with these higher dimensional vibrations are acting out their old paradigm still. This will not be able to exist much longer because they will no longer resonate with the frequencies around them. Now, there is a separation that will occur and these entities will eventually “go” to a separate dimensional realm…. it’s not a physical place, it is not even something that you can really understand with your mind at this point. We are showing a mental vision right now to the channel, and she’s trying to translate it; it’s a bit difficult (chuckle)….but….these beings who are causing so much trouble on your earth…it’s kind of the last gasp for them. It’s the “last hurrah”.

And going forward…moving forward….moving forward… time continues to speed up, and speed up, and speed up….there is a crescendo happening where it is the splitting apart of the dimensions….as that which is of the lower dimensional frequencies can no longer exist around your earth right now….it’s like, mixing oil and water. And so there is a separation which will be occurring and those who are resonating on the inside, meaning…their soul, their mind, their body, intentions, awareness, consciousness….those who are resonating with these higher dimensional frequencies are those who are creating this New Earth.

Now, you will be having a higher 4th dimensional earth, and there is also a higher 5th dimensional world, which…is also being breathed into being, by those of higher consciousness and awareness, by the archangels and ascended masters. And I, Archangel Zadkiel, am assisting in transmuting the last vestiges of the negative old vibrational duality consciousness. and I am assisting in ushering out the old and ushering in the new. I am assisting in this transmutation with the violet flame, along with St. Germain, who is also a partner in this endeavor. We Are using this violet flame to assist in moving out the old, and in bringing in the new.

Now, those of you of this higher awareness, higher consciousness…those of you who have done the work…those of you who have cleared out your old traumatic memories, your old karma….the channel is currently working on the last bit of this, she’s so close…we want you to know this Goldenlight, you’re so close….anyway, those of you who are of this higher awareness…these are the bringers in of this new energy, these are assisting with us (of the angelic realm), with the ascended masters, with the galactics… the creation of these new energetic realms. This 4th dimensional world and this 5th dimensional world. They are separate yet the same…there are those who can go back and forth, and this other 3rd dimensional world is rapidly being pushed out, it’s rapidly falling by the wayside. This is the last hurrah.

We wish to really stress to everyone and anyone to PLEASE turn off your televisions. Shut off the mainstream media. This is a stream of the negative duality consciousness from the old 3rd dimensional paradigm which is fighting it’s last stand, it’s like Custer’s Last Stand. They are not giving up, they are holding on for dear life. They know their days are numbered. But the best thing that every single individual in the world can do right now is to turn off the television. Do NOT read or watch the mainstream news. Please…this is very important. Focus on the higher dimensions. Focus on the archangelic realm, the ascended masters, the angels, the galactics.

All of us are of a higher dimensional bandwidth. We are on the higher dimensional circuit. And we all love you all so much, and we….have been trying so long to get through to you now… and this is more of a collective message now….This is also a collective message from all of the other star nations. We have the Sirians the Pleiadians, Arcturians, Andromedans, we have many, many, many star galaxies who are concerned with your earth. We are very much all concerned. And we really want you all to focus now on higher dimensional consciousness and pure qualities. And to do your inner work.

Clear out your anger, your trauma…clear out all that’s old that no longer serves you. Bring in the Violet Flame. Imagine it clearing out your entire being. Do the inner work. If you find that it’s hard to do on your own, find somebody to help you. Go to a professional if you need to. We stress the importance of this. This is so important for each being to do their own clearing work. And you always have the blessings of the angelic realm. Always, You always have us loving you.

But it will take a little bit of action, these last few steps towards the higher dimensions. You must be free of all that burdens you, all of the ties to your old life, all of your anger. All self-serving-ness. Anything that is not of the Light, anything that is not for the benefit of the All. You are moving into Oneness Consciousness. You all know these, all of the lightworkers know this. And this is important because we of the higher dimensional realms – the archangels, the ascended masters, the inner earth….we all function in Oneness.

And the only way we have ever been able to exist in this realm (chuckle), and many of us have existed millions of years in this realm, (chuckle)…but the only way any of us have been able to exist in this realm, is to Love All. To function as One emanation from Source. We are all emanations from source, and we all wish for you all to be free of all that holds you back now. This is most important. To focus on the light, the love, the forgiveness and compassion, the Oneness and Unity, the doing unto others as you would have done unto you, the compassion for all life forms…all plants, all animals…right down to the bugs. This is so important now, to have respect and reverence for all forms of life. To be consciously aware of all other beings. And to know that you are all emanations from Source.

And….that’s it for tonight, it was really just a message to let you know that you are all so close to being free of all that hinders your progress. And some of you have more work to do than others, but it’s very important to do the inner work, and to be free of the last vestiges of any trauma, or anger of areas where you are not forgiving, and to call on us for help, but also if you need to seek professional help that is an important thing to do. And the channel for one is not above doing that. She is in the process of clearing out some of the last family trauma and drama and anger and she’s really close to being free of it all. So we just want to encourage you to keep doing the good work and to know that we love you and we are all cheering you on from the other side. And all is progressing beautifully and smoothly.

And to always have hope. Because there is no way that you cannot ascend. You are all ascending in one way or another. You are all ascending. Sometimes it takes a little longer than others, but there is no fear to be had around that. You must all know that you are all ascending. And you will all eventually return back home to Source. And we want you to know that we love you most dearly. And we are always with you, and sending you the softest love and light.

Channeled by Goldenlight, © The Golden Light Channel. Please include this copyright, credit, and full message without alteration when re-posting this message.




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