Saul through Johhn Smallman 20130816 All in the spiritual realms are rejoicing, because we have missed You


    You and I, humanity, God, the Source of all being, are One, because all that exists is contained within the infinite field of divine Love beyond which there is not and never can be anything else, anything at all.  Creation, God, the field in which everything is, is complete, and paradoxically, is forever expanding.  There are no limits.  It is as simple as that, and yet it is far more complex than you can possibly imagine.

When you awaken into Reality, what you are and who you are will start to become apparent, and it will utterly delight, astonish, and amaze you, and You.  You are eternal – an immortal being forever One with God, and yet You have been experiencing, through Your own choice, an intense sense of separation, a state that is impossible: individuality, followed by death.  Just know, as in truth you do, that there is only Life; there are no alternatives.  Knowing that, as You do, there is no need, reason, or justification for fear and all its adjuncts.  There is only God and you, and You are to awaken into the Reality of that because collectively You have made the choice and the decision to allow the illusion to dissolve.

Oneness is a state of pure, unadulterated joy, and nothing can interfere with it, change it, remove it, or hide it.  It is constantly aware, alive, and loving, but You chose to pretend that this was not so, and have endured seemingly interminable suffering as a result.  Finally, as the depths of separation were experienced in Your ongoing nightmare, You made the choice to awaken and thereby to return to Love. That decision was made the instant You chose to imagine separation, but in that instant the whole history of the illusion was contained.

God is completed in You, and You in God, and that completeness is indissoluble, permanent, everlasting.  It is the only state, or condition, although You have for a short while, an extremely short while, refused to acknowledge it by hunkering down into an imaginary environment that you constructed within a very small section of your collective Mind, and then lowering the curtain behind You, closing out the Light of God’s Love, Reality.  Without His Love, which is impossible, all would be extremely dark, and that is what You chose to experience.  Now You are preparing to raise the curtain and let in the Light of His eternal Love for You, and all in the spiritual realms are rejoicing, because we have missed You.

You and you, Us and You, Us and you are confusing terms for a very confusing situation.  We are all eternally present to one another; many faces, many minds, and yet only One Mind, the Mind of God.  All these terms of separation, pronouns – I, he, she, we, you, they, in upper case and lower case – are confusions of the illusion, and in Reality are absolutely meaningless.  And yet we, all the infinite aspects of God, our Source, do play and interact within the One.  It is a state of infinite joy to which you are returning after what seems to you like an extremely long sojourn overseas, or in a totally different universe.

It has been but momentary, because Our Father would not allow His beloved to suffer, but your experience of it, by Your own choice, has seemed interminable.  And because of that it gives us great joy to know that your “ungodly” experience is almost over for you.  In truth we have not been concerned because of course we fully understand the unreality of it.  Nevertheless it has grieved us to see you apparently suffering severely and grimly, even though, and also because, it has been by Your own choice.  As the moment for your awakening approaches our joy intensifies.

With so very much love, Saul.




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