Conversations With SaLuSa 20130724 SaLuSa 23.7.2013


We came from all over the Universe to see and help the magnificent change that is happening on your beloved Mother Earth right now. We are learning together with you and although we are currently living much more comfortable than you, soon you will find out how it is to be free from so many illusions that make your living so hard. Please always keep in mind that you are creators of your own destiny and it is your will that decides how your life proceeds. We know it is so much easier to say than to do, but with strong intent nothing is impossible as these days, it is even easier for those who are just awaking than it was for those of you who paved the way. This was the Creator’s plan from the beginning and you should feel privileged to be a part of it. This and next week higher frequencies of Light will be sent to you, much higher than ever before and it would be wise to be prepared for them, as the more you are able to accept into your beings the more powerful your intentions will get. As we told you so many times, nothing can stay hidden in the Light, so if you feel there is still something which requires your attention, clear it now without any fear or doubts of yourself, ask your Guides, Angels, your Higher Self or us to help you if you are not sure what would be the best way and surely you get response.



We clearly see that this time of not knowing what is happening is soon to be over, as with so much information that were top secret before are revealed from every corner of your  world, the usual news from your media are not satisfying your request for the truth. We see behind the scenes and can tell you now, that the time of spreading the correct and not adjusted information is here. Long you have been wishing this to happen and now you all will see quite rapid flow of the news from all sources. Some will still try to cover up, yet others will freely speak of the changes that are coming to set your world into the balance. Peace will be the word of the day and you can already see some leaders expressing their wish to put the old matters behind and start new and friendly relationships with neighbors.  



Things are moving faster than it might look at the first sight, even the old financial system which seems to be unbreakable now looks like nothing left to be done, but accept the new way of dealing with money and its derivates, which soon will be obsolete. Although you will continue to use money for some more years, many of you feel how it could be without them and this creates the base for your Golden Age society, where no such exchange is needed. This time will surely come because it is divinely planned for your Earth Nation to safely arrive at this point of your evolution. We are working together with our allies and you on this Great Plan and we feel we have made great progress so far. Do you not feel the same?



I am SaLuSa from Sirius and as always sending you my love to all of you. Feel the joy of all what is happening because it is leading you to the beautiful and peaceful future that you are dreaming of. Feel the love we are sending you within all of our messages and be ready for the news.


Channeller: MADAD


Webpage: SaLuSa in Love and Light




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