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Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright 2013 

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Beloved Ones, I Am your God-Self!




Yes, at this time the currents of events are  now sprawling into all directions, because so much is happening in the mind of humanity. 

Where else does all this happen but in the mind? Content of consciousness not being played out in the human brain for eons is coming to the surface and is being registered by those who have opened themselves up for a bigger picture. In that case you have opened your awareness beyond your individual interests, as you care for your whole species and your planet and beyond.

 In this vast pool of information from all the many sources, there is also a major campaign of false information going on. In the midst of this chaos there is very few true knowledge available, because who is searching  for information, but is lacking foundation in Ultimate Truth is opening themselves for and is attracting and even creating information that can only confuse. Since whose foundation is in the realm of the volatile mind only, is being prone to deception and seduction. 

And so illusion-land is easily created. Many only want to hear and see what sounds to be consoling. They do not want to learn the lesson of Me Being Everything, because they do not rest in the Divine Heart, Which I Am and Which You Are in Reality and That you Share with Me as an incarnated being, who has a human body-mind as a chosen tool for experience.



I AM. I AM whatever happens. I AM What cannot be spoken about. I AM is the Zeropoint of all happening. All happening happens in and As I AM.

What is Truth: I AM or happening? Nothing can Happen without I AM, but Happening without I AM does not occur. Without I AM nothing happens. 

Retreat from the periphery of perception to Your Divine Root-Center I AM. Retreat from the locus of your mind without regret and not looking back, into the Heart of Being. From Here naturally connections are made with the fields of thought, although there is also much more truly intelligent hearthinking in the heart itself. Then the fields of thought are obedient to the domain of heart and follow I AM. Indeed it is all initiated from there and not independent.

Let the world ascend or not. I AM. I always have been.

Let there be peace or conflict. I AM. I always have been.

Let there be the dark age or the Golden Age. I AM. I always have been.

Too much mind chatter in the fields of possibilities and hopefulness, while I AM always Happy, while I AM always Satisfied, while I AM always Light of lights and Beyond body-mind. While I AM always Radiance and Love-Bliss.

The lesser lights come and go. The dimensions come and go. Galaxies, worlds, civilizations come and go with the currents of color and creation.

But I AM always. You Are I AM always. So why do you fall so much for the always perishing waves of change, why do you hunt so much the short sunshine blinking perhaps here and there sometimes through the clouds?

You might experience right now much happiness, ‘because of’ …..  this and that in your life.

And you might experience right now much suffering, ‘because of’ ….  this and that in your life.

But I AM always Happy. Always. As you forget me in the pleasures and in the storms of life, you are taken by them, consumed by them.

In My I AM That You Are, the pleasures and the storms of life are the winds of experience that touch like a breeze your Radiant Skin.

The Love of I AM, of GOD, of the ULTIMATE, is a Fire that never burns. But It Is Deep and It Is Wide and all-Consuming. It Is You when You Are the All of Silence and using your thoughts and your voice, and movement and dance, and love and tears, because I AM.

I AM even when your universe dissolves, I always Have Been Prior. I AM and You Are It. So why then so much tumult about the rising waves of renewal of life, as I AM the very Substance of Life. Therefore only I can bring you True Renewal.  How much happier could you Be by firmly being grounded in ME, enjoying whatever comes your way.

You can be very unhappy even in the midst of the brightest event, and you can be very happy in the midst of your darkest hour. You see what I AM pointing to? Your true Happiness is always Me, and never what I AM not. It is only with happy events that you seem to remember Me. 

If you understand the secret of My Paradox, you will not search any longer for happy events, for improvement, because in Me there is neither improvement nor decline. All of this is the kaleidoscope of I AM.

I AM your God-Self and all Wisdom Is Me. There is no True Wisdom in the currents and waves of happenings alone. You must ride them As Me and As I AM. For the mind I speak in riddles. For the Heart That Knows I speak Eternity and Truth, I speak Reality That Always Is. It Is always Happy and does not need or Know Happening. It is Ignorance, It Is Being-ness, It Is Fulfillment



Do not be afraid of the world and what the world will play out. It will play out what it will to approach Me in a better way. But whether the world will approach Me or not, I AM always undisturbed by it. You Are That. To be disturbed is a decision you make, as you leave your seat I AM.

Do not speculate what will come. It will come as the world’s mind thinks and wishes. You are a part of it only with your body-mind. But body-mind is not You. You Are Eternity, not as soul but as I AM. I AM knows no boundaries and shape and qualities. It Is. And if It is Joy, and if It Is Love, It Is Highest I AM Brilliance, but I AM also beyond Joy and Love as it is known to you. 

There is a Joy and Love That I AM, beyond your senses and imagination. This is True Freedom and True Ecstasy and the Beauty of Me Reality. I Exist and I AM the Deep of You into Whom you must fall to find Me and to Be the True That I AM.

I AM Your God-Self!

Message conveyed by Ute






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